La Roche-Posay SPF30 Anthelios Comfort Nutritive Oil Review

It seems ages since I last wrote a beauty review, so let's hope I still know how to do it, because today, I'll be introducing you to my loyal beach companion - La Roche-Posay Nutritive Oil. If you haven't figured it out yet, it's a sunblock with SPF 30 in an oil form. The oil is transparent, dries rather quickly, smells divine and gives a nice shine to your arms and legs. It comes out through a pump, not a spray, and is very easy to distribute. I love how my skin feels moisturizied and silky smooth after I use this product. It's just perfect for my dry skin! On the official website, it says that it is for the face and body, but I personally wouldn't put it anywhere near my face, as it's a little bit greasy. I prefer the La Roche-Posay Anthelios XL Fluid (review here) for that. Who else is obsessed with recent La Roche-Posay additions? I think it's now safe to say that La Roche-Posay is my favourite skincare brand. Not one product of theirs I've tried so far has disappointed me. 

Traveling to Jakarta

Long time no blog, huh? I haven't fallen off the face of the earth just yet, but I did get sabotaged by ridiculously moody Bali wi-fi. Every time I wanted to get things done online, the internet connection disappeared. I have no idea how I even managed to upload three vlogs while I was there, haha. Anyhow, I'm back home now and I have a ridiculous amount of photos, videos and memories to share with you.

Let's start at the beginning. On the 30th of July, I said goodbye to my dog, got driven to Ljubljana Airport along with my family and family friends, and boarded a plane for Istanbul, Turkey. The flight could have been very enojoyable, as it was rather short and I had a nice seating position (by the window, with a lot of leg space), but it turned into a 'try not to puke' kind of situation. You see, a person seating behind me decided to place her VERY stinky feet on my armrest and refused to move them away. She didn't get the hint even when I started poking her feet with an in-flight magazine every two minutes. I hardly survived.

And then, upon the arrival to Istanbul Airport, I was greeted with another unpleasant situation called NO WI-FI. The horror! I had a six-hour wait in front of me and no wi-fi. I guess it was very naive of me thinking I would be able to do some work online and keep myself entertained by watching youtube videos. It's still mind-boggling to me how one of the busiest European airports fails to offer internet access. Instanbul Airport, get your shiz together, or else, I won't be flying through you anytime soon. Rant over.

As I couldn't waste my time online, I only had two other options left - shopping and eating. I first filled my belly with a delicious club sandwich and then started the shopping marathon. I must have popped into every single store at least ten times, but to my surprise, I didn't buy a single thing. Well, apart from a magazine, but that doesn't count, does it? The only thing that sparked my interest was a Michael Kors perfume that I couldn't buy because I had a few more flights left and I was afraid it wouldn't make its way through security. I did buy it on my way back, though, so no  biggie. :)

Speaking about airport shopping, am I the only one who doesn't understand the point of 'duty free' shops? Not a single thing is cheaper there. I swear! Yes, you can get a few travel sets that might not be available in non-airport stores, but that's about it...

Moving on. After a long and tiring wait at the airport, there was an even longer and tiring flight from Istanbul to Singapore waiting for me. I have a fare share of long-haul flights under my belt - one of them lasted 22 hours with only a half an hour long layover in between - but this one was by far the most uncomfortable one. There was pretty much zero legroom and it felt like I was up in the air for a week, not just eleven hours. I can't imagine how tall people managed to sit in their seats unless they had aisle ones. Anyway, the only highlight of the flight was me watching The Great Gatsby. Finally. I can't believe it took me so long to watch this movie, which I, by the way, definitely recommend. Oh, and that turkish delight we got at the beginning was also good. Minced beef and liquidy scrambled eggs, on the other hand, not so much...

After a quick Singapore layover, we boarded another plane. Well, technically, it was the same plane. We only had a few more hours up in the air left before we were greeted by hot and humid Jakarta, the capital of Indonesia. I lost my hair tie (nothing new here), so you can imagine the river that was flowing down my back. Thank god, we were quickly on our way to the hotel, where I first took a long cold shower. Our hotel was called FM7 Resort Hotel, and it was located about ten minutes away from the airport. We only stayed there overnight, so the close airport distance was the only thing that mattered. I honestly didn't expect much from the hotel, but it was wonderful! The rooms were modern, spacious and clean; the staff was SO NICE, and there way also a lovely 24/7 restaurant. We tested it right away, haha. The food was ridiculously cheap and yummy.

As I have said, the hotel was super nice. It was also highly secured and gated, but the area we were driving through to the hotel shocked us a little bit. I expected Jakarta to be a metropolitan area, which probably is in most parts, but there we were, in the middle of a slum-like place. Quite a cultural shock. Ok, it probably sounds way more dramatic that it actually was, but I think you get the point. While a few people from our group were secretly freaking out, I actually enjoyed seeing stuff I had previously seen in geography textbooks only. Yes, I'm a bit of a nerd. The only thing that terrified me was the traffic. One word: crazy! I've never heard as much beeping in my whole life as I did there in only one minute. And don't even get me started about their driving skills. Our driver almost crashed into a bus. Twice. Believe me, it was very close.

That's everything I have for you today! I hope you enjoy reading travel posts, because there will be quite a few coming up in the next few days. I also have a vlog up about 'the travel day', so if you're interested in a hotel room tour, the footage of the slum-like area and other bits and pieces I managed to record, you can watch it below.

July Beauty & Random Favourites

Hey guys! I hope you're doing alright. I'm busy exploring Bali, but I just remembered I forgot to share my July favourites video with you, which I'd filmed before I went on holiday, so here it is. :)

In-Flight Beauty

I'm only a few hours away from jetting off to Bali, but before I go and disappear for two weeks, I thought I would show you which beauty products I take with me on a plane for long haul flights. You know how they say you always have to look good because you never know where and when you're going to meet the love of your life? Well, screw that. I'm all about comfort and having your makeup on for two days straight is not comfortable. And if a guy doesn't like you without makeup on, he's not worth a second glance anyway. So, what I was trying to say is that makeup products never make their way into my carry-on bag. Well, apart from the concealer, which I sometimes use upon the touchdown. Even my glasses can't hide those nasty black under eye circles that I get after staying up for 48 hours straight. And no, I don't apply it to look good for other people. I apply it because my eyes think a zombie is about to attack me when I look myself in the mirror. True story. 

The rest of the products are all about cleanliness and moisturization. Aircrafts are full of germs and you can't really go wash your hands every time you're served with a meal, so anti-bacterial gels are my best friends. I love the ones I picked up from Bath & Body Works, because they don't only do the job but also look cute and smell delicious. For refreshing my breath, I use Colgate's Wisps, mini toothbrushes with built-in freshening beads that do the work without the use of water. You can truly take them anywhere with you, and after the use, you just throw them away. Then, to clean my face, the Bioderma Micellar Solution samples are just perfect. I pour the liquid on a cotton pad, wipe the dirt or the makeup I may have on from before off my face, and prepare my skin for moisturization.

The airplane air is extremely drying, so I always make sure to have my 'emergency kit' prepaired. I really don't need extra dehydration, since my skin is already quite dry for the majority of time. The first thing on my list is a lip balm. My lips don't get extrmely dry during the summer time, so I don't have to take any repairing lip balms with me, but I still need something that makes a film over my lips. This time, I'm taking one of my eos lip balms with me. I got tons of these last year in California (again, the hype got to me), but never ended up using them, because they're really not that special. They look and smell good, but they won't save your lips from cracking. For a two day long plane trip, they're fine, though. For my hands, I take any mini hand cream I may have lying around. L'Occitane's Cherry Blossom is coming with me today, and just for your information, it smells heavenly. Those sanitizing hand-gels dry my skin out in seconds, so a hand cream is a must. And, of course, we can't forget about the face. I always look through the box full of testers that is forgotten sitting in my bathroom, and I always find some great gems that are just perfect for my quick airplane night time routine. As you can see, I'll be testing out some Nuxe products today! 

I really hope you enjoyed this post. It is very realistic and not one of those 'I'm taking my whole skincare cupboard' with me ones. I mean, really. I've never actually seen anyone who puts on facial masks during the flight. People are either making things up to come across more glamurous, or flying in first/business class, which I clearly am not, haha. Anyway, please let me know how you liked this post and what you usually take with you for the long flights! :)

Weekly Vlog: My Future Husband, Bali Preparations & Sunday Nightmare

What a week! It truly feels like I've been on an emotional roller coaster ride for the past seven days, and let me tell you, it's not fun. You can see the glimpse of what has been happening in the vlog below. 

'You Can Only Pick One' Beauty Tag

I was tagged by the lovely Mateja to do the 'You Can Only Pick One' Beauty Tag, so in today's video, I'm going to show you my all time favourite products from several different categories. The rule is to pick only one product from each category! I'm actually quite surprised that I successfully completed the task, haha. Let me tell you, when you're as obsessed with makeup as us beauty bloggers are, it's hard to choose your favourites. It's like picking your favourite child! 

Sweat Proof Makeup

Today I'll be talking about the makeup products I use to help make my makeup stay on even when the sweat is literally dripping off my face. I was planning to write this post when I come home from Bali, since the extreme humidity there would be the perfect environment for me to test out the effectiveness of all the products I use during the summer time, but I went to see a basketball game on Thursday, and let me tell you, my face makeup has been put to the test. It was SO hot inside the sports hall! The crowds, no air conditioning, hot basketball players... Phew! I thought my face completely melted off by the time the game ended, but to my surprise, everything stayed in its place. So, I think it's safe to tell you which particular products worked for me and which products in general I normally incorporate into my daily makeup routine during the summer time.

Primer: I use it very rarely, because I have dry skin and normally don't have problems with oiliness, but during the summer time even my T-zone needs an occasional help. No one likes to walk around with a shiny face! The primers I use are Benefit's Porefessional and Etude House's Pore Ever, which are very similar. Both make my pores less visible, make my skin silky smooth and help my foundation stay on longer. If you're an oily skin gal, I would definitely recommend you to check them out. Speaking about primers, eye primers are even more important than face primers. They prevent creasing, improve the pigmentation of eyeshadows and make your eye makeup last for ages. Two of my faves are Urban Decay's Primer Potion and the Milani one.

Foundation: Light and sheer is the way to go. If it's long lasing as well, it's even better. I tend to gravitate towards Bourjois' Healthy Mix Serum all year round, but for even lighter and more natural summer application, I use a wet makeup sponge. BB creams and CC creams are great for this time of the year as well. I haven't found the perfect ones for my skin yet, so I don't use them often, but if you're not dealing with extreme dry patches, Bourjois CC cream (review here) is a great investment. I wear it when I don't have much time to do my makeup, because it's really great at covering redness and making your skin look even.   

Eyeshadow: Cream eyeshadows are the quickest to apply and tend to not fade throughout the day like some powder eyeshadows do. The best I've disovered so far are Maybelline Color Tattoos (reviews here, here & here), Jordana's 12HR Made to Last eyeshadow pencils and Milani Shadow Eyez

Mascara & Eyeliner: Waterproof! I had to say goodbye to my MUD's Cake Eyeliner for a while, because it activates with water and you can only imagine what happens when I get sweaty around my eyes. Yikes. For this reason, I just got myself the Milani Eye Tech Extreme, which is supposed to be super waterproof. And when it comes to mascaras, well, I actually never had a waterproof one, haha. I just couldn't find any good formulas that would work for my lashes, but if you can find one for yourself, go for it. I'll be sticking with my new favourite, Jordana Best Lash Extreme, which does not smudge and keeps my eyelashes curled all day long. It doesn't say anywhere that it's waterproof, but I'm pretty much convinced it is by now. It. Does. Not. Budge. It survives sweat and rain. I just have the pool/ocean test left to do now. I'll keep you updated!

Lip products: During the summer time, I gravitate towards sheer lipsticks, lip glosses and lip stains (in case I'm feeling a nice long-lasting red lip). I just wrote a post about my favourite sheer summer lipsticks, so you can check out my picks here. As far as lip glosses go, I'm currently loving NYX Butter Glosses (review here) and Clarins Lip Perfectors (review here), while my go-to lip stains are Etude House Fresh Cherry Tints (review here). 

Blush: Just like with eyeshadow, I gravitate more towards cream products, as I don't want to cake on too much powder when I know I might be sweating. It's just not a good look. And I find that cream blushes also tend to give a nice glow to my cheeks, which means that I can skip the highlighter.

Powder: A very necessary step that helps me set the rest of my makeup and eliminate the innitial shininess. My long time favourite setting powder is Rimmel's Stay Matte.

Setting Spray: This is the product that goes on my face at the very end. I just purchased Urban Decay's All Nighter, and I'm happy to report it works wonderfully. I mean, you still sweat and get a bit shiny, but at least your makeup doesn't move or gets eaten by your own skin.

Blotting Sheets: This is the on-the-go version of a setting powder. In the summer, it's better not to cake on layers of extra powder whenever your face goes shiny. Blotting the oil with blotting sheets is way better for your skin. And just in case you run out of them unexpectedly, the toilet seat covers actually do the same job. :D
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