Goth Glitter Tears Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Goth Glitter Tears Halloween Makeup Tutorial

This is probably one of my all time favourite makeup tutorials I've filmed so far. For once, the lighting/camera cooperated with me, I was feeling the hair buns, and fell in love with the bold black lip. I was afraid this look I had in mind for a while wouldn't see the light of the day, because I had hardest time finding face glitter and a black lipstick, but I hunted down the former last minute and created the latter myself. I still don't know what the best name for this creation would be. I ended up going for 'goth glitter tears'. It's not a very typical Halloween look, but I hope you like it nonetheless. I definitely do and wouldn't mind wearing it on a regular basis to be honest. Who knows, I might actually end up doing it. I'll probably ditch the glittery tears, though. They would be a bit too much even for the London crowd.

Glam Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Glam Vampire Halloween Makeup Tutorial

Last year I went to my first ever Halloween party. Having a background in makeup artistry, you would probably expect from me to go all out and transform myself into something crazy, but I had exactly twenty minutes to get ready, at the office, so I had to come up with something quick and easy. I went for the classic with a twist - a vampire look inspired by The Vampire Diaries. I ended up loving it, so today, I thought I would share it with you. If you're a busy lady yourself, you might find it useful on October 31 or the weekend before. 

How to Travel on a Budget

How to Travel on a Budget:Tips for Cheap Flights, Accommodation, Food, Sightseeing...

'Travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer' is a sentence I couldn't agree more with. All my favourite memories and life lessons go back to the places I've visited. Being on the road, exploring new places, experiencing different cultures and taking incredible photos along the way is my favourite thing in the world. Always has been, always will be. In my dictionary, traveling is the definition of pure bliss, and I think every single one of us should be doing it as often as we can.

These days, we're lucky enough to be able to travel for ridiculously cheap, and I can't see why we wouldn't be taking advantage of that. I know, I know. Even cheap can sometimes be too expensive. I understand. Been there, done that. Well, I'm still there to be honest. But, even so, I managed to see not one but two new places this year - Stockholm and Berlin. It can be done, trust me. Would you believe my return plane ticket to Berlin cost me no more than 20 euros and the whole week-long trip cost me less than a week of my normal day-to-day life in London? Well, you'll just have to because it's TRUE. 

Like I said, traveling on a budget really is possible, and today, I'll tell you everything you need to know to score the best deals on transport, accommodation, admission fees and even food. You can thank me later, by sending me a postcard from your next cheap travel adventure or signing up to Airbnb using this link, so that both of us can travel for even cheaper! You're welcome. Again.

Living with Social Anxiety

Living with Social Anxiety My Story & Advice

When I was younger mental health problems such as depression and anxiety weren't discussed publicly. At least not where I come from. I'd always known there's something about me that isn't quite right or 'normal', so to speak, but I'd never really had the word for it up until I stumbled upon a couple of YouTube videos back in... 2010? It was then, at the age of 18, when I heaved a huge sigh of relief, knowing I'm not the only 'freak' out there. I will be eternally grateful to people who decided to speak up about their own problems and share their stories online, as they definitely played a huge part in me working on accepting myself, and that's why today, I'm opening up myself to spread the awareness and maybe even be the person who unlocks someone else's prison. You never know. Living with general and social anxiety is not easy, especially when people around you try to dismiss your problems, or even worse, ridicule you. Having said that, I'm a firm believer that you can overcome anything and do whatever your heart desires, even if your mind sometimes decides to work against you. My story is not a success story. Yet. But I'm working on it, and one day, I hope it will be.

The Konjac Sponge Company Red French Clay Konjac Sponge Review

The Konjac Sponge Company Red French Clay Konjac Sponge Review
I bought my first konjac sponge in 2012. Back then it was super hard to get them in Europe, so I ordered it on ebay for a couple of bucks and excitedly waited for it to arrive. For about a month, as you do. Unfortunately, my initial excitement soon got replaced with the 'face with rolling eyes' emoji expression, as the 'next big thing in beauty' did NOTHING to my skin. I was so disappointed I refused to try any others, but when The Konjac Sponge Company got in touch with me a couple of months ago, offering to send me one, I thought why the hell not, and finally gave it another go. They say everyone deserves a second chance after all. 
The Konjac Sponge Company Red French Clay Konjac Sponge Review Dry Skin
My expectations weren't high this time around, as you can imagine, but I'm happy to report this one turned out to be a winner. I went with the red french clay version, which is supposed to be perfect for dry, damaged and mature skin, as well as skin problems such as eczema and rosacea. I've been using it either once or twice a day along with my La Roche-Posay Cleansing Cream over the last few months and one thing I've noticed is that it really helps to keep my dry patches at bay. I haven't had any problems with dry skin recently, all thanks to its awesome exfoliating properties. I used to use the slightly abrasive Cattier White Clay Scrub at least twice a week to scrub away my flaky skin, but I haven't had to use it once since this konjac sponge came into my life. I still love that scrub and will probably have to start using it again with winter coming in, but for now, the konjac sponge is doing the job better than expected. It's very gentle in comparison and always leaves my skin silky soft. Double yay! Are you using konjac sponges? What are your thoughts on this Korean phenomenon?

My Biggest Fear

One of my biggest fears in life is driving. I had this very vivid dream of me being involved in a serious car accident once, and ever since then, I freak out every time I have to get behind the wheel. Summer of 2010, when my parents forced me to go get my driving license, was probably my most stressful summer ever. I remember constantly waking up in sweat - despite the air con - knowing I have yet another driving lesson on my schedule. Even though a relative of mine who I think is awesome was my driving instructor, it didn't help the situation one bit. 

Call me a silly billy, but you know what was one of the things I was most looking forward to when I found out I was moving to London? Public transport. You need nerves of steel (and an actual car) to drive around the city, so for now, I'm sticking to trains, buses and the tube, trying to convince myself London public transport is the best thing ever, despite having been stuck under someone's smelly armpit way too many times. Yup, summers in London can be very fun. Especially when we have a heatwave on our hands. 

I think the reason I'm so freaked out about driving is the fact that I feel like I don't have everything under control. I'm afraid of the other drivers' actions on the road (there's a lot of maniacs out there) and I'm also not confident in my own skills. I'm afraid I wouldn't know how to react in a potentially dangerous situation, be able to park my car, remember an important road rule or even what one those dashboard lights means, which brings me to the infographic below. 

When I came across it for the first time, I couldn't not laugh, because 'shouting at the passangers' is exactly what I did when I saw that brake system warning for the very first time. I thought the car was about to explode. I still remember the day. I was driving my sister and myself to my grandma's birthday party, without my dad, who had always been the one sitting next to me while I was driving up until that point. I was shitting myself. Everything that could go wrong did. I didn't completely release the break, I drove forward instead of backwards while trying to get the car out of the garage (obviously hitting the junk in front) and, of course, my car switched off when I got the green light at the crossroads and was supposed to drive away. That was also the moment I swore to myself I was getting an automatic if I ever needed to get a car of my own. What can I say, it was an intense 10-minute journey. That was the last time my sister went in a car with me and I can't even blame her, haha. I'm still surprised we managed to come out alive. 

Anyway, I just thought I would share this funny infographic with you, because it's actually very informative and might come in handy if you're an anxious new driver yourself. For detailed explanations, you can also read this articleI'll definitely be referring back to it if - or should I say when - I give driving another go. By the way, what's your biggest fear? 

New Season, New Wardrobe

Fall Plus Size Try On Haul: Primark, H&M, Brandy Melville, Nike (September 2016)
My wardrobe needed another update! When the weather got slightly chilly a couple of weeks ago, I went through my closet to dig out the jumpers, only to find out they all got either weirdly stretched out or managed to become crop tops over the summer time. Huh?! Needless to say, I had to brave the crowds on Oxford Street and pick up a few new pieces. I found some very nice and very autumnal tops, a cute new addition to my filming background and the shoes I've been wanting to buy for about a year. I think we can call this shopping trip of mine a success. 
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