Sunkissed Summer Tag

This year's summer weather officially sucks. But this didn't stop me and my sister from filming a very summery tag. After all, we do need to get into the summer mood before we go to Bali. I can't believe we're leaving in less than a week! Eeep!

Songs I've Been Listening to Lately

Since my Sunday posts in which I occasionally shared my favourite songs with you recently turned into vlogs, I had to come up with a new series to keep sharing the music I love. Here is the first installment. Enjoy! Which songs have you been obsessing over lately? I need some new music to keep me entertained during all those hours I'll be spending up in the air soon!

Still I Fly 

Your Love is a Song

Something New



Wake Up Call

I'm Ready

Stay With Me


Fix You

She Looks So Perfect

Weekly Vlog: Awkward Situations, Back to School Shopping & Hiking

The decision has been made. I am now a full time vlogger, meaning that I'm making weekly vlogs a regular thing. I just need your help with choosing the upload day. Would you rather watch them every Sunday or Monday night? In the first case, all Sunday footage will have to be added to the following weekly vlog, as vlogs require hours of editing, and my computer and internet connection take ages to process and upload long videos. It would be mission impossible to get vlogs up on time. Anyway, it's your choice, so let me know! :)

Neon Splash Nail Art Tutorial

Neon Splash Nail Art Tutorial

I have a love hate relationship with neon nail polish shades. I love them, but they don't love me back. Most of them just don't go with my skintone, so I've been trying to find a way to wear them anyways, and I think I found it in the form of a 'neon splash' manicure. I just love how fun it looks as well! If you're interested in how I achieved the look, check out the video below.  

My Foundation Routine

My 'base makeup' routine is pretty much identical nine times out of ten, so instead of showing you the same process over and over again in every single makeup tutorial that I do, I decided to film a separate video, telling you which tools I normally use, and showing you how exactly I apply my foundations, correctors, concealers and powders to cover up imperfections and even out my skin complexion.

50 Questions We've Never Been Asked

My sister and I wanted to film another video after we did the Bean Boozled Challenge, but ran out of ideas, so my sister took matters into her own hands and hunted down this fun tumblr tag. It consist of a whole bunch of random as well as personal questions. I would love if you could answer one of them yourself in the comments below and offer me the chance to get to know you better as well! :)

Makeup Revolution 'Never Enough' Nail Polish Review

Makeup Revolution 'Never Enough' Nail Polish Review

Today I'm reviewing another Makeup Revolution product that has some great potential, but fails miserably. 'Never Enough' nail polish is of an amazing quality considering it only costs one pound. The consistency is just right, it's opaque after two coats, dries extremely quickly and stays chip-less for about two to three days. But there's one huge problem. The brush. It is terrible. It's so rough that it leaves stripes on your nails when you're applying the polish, and let me tell you, it doesn't look good. It really is such a shame, because otherwise, the nail polish would have been wonderful. Have you tried any Makeup Revolution nail polishes yourself? Did you have a similar experience?
Makeup Revolution 'Never Enough' Nail Polish Review Swatch

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