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A new school year is now well underway and I'm sure some of you who are graduating high school this year already have a certain thing on your mind - finding your perfect prom dress. Am I right? I actually didn't go to my prom, but that doesn't mean I don't understand the stress that comes with finding a nice dress for a special occasion. I'm a girl after all. Luckily, nowadays options are endless and if you aren't lucky enough to find your dress in a nearby store, you can always search through the internet. Today I'll be introducing you to my lovely advertiser,, who offer on-trend dresses at affordable prices. Their collection ranges from wedding and bridesmaids gowns to prom and even plus size dresses. Being a plus size girl, I know how hard can it be to find an evening dress that works for the curves. It still surprises me when I see the so called 'plus size' dresses which are obviously made with total disregard to plus size figures. Cap sleeves, open backs, and shapeless fits that make you look even bigger all seem to be quite popular amongst the offers, yet, they're some of the most unflattering things for a plus sized body. At least in my opinion. On, though, you can find some very flattering pieces, I myself wouldn't mind wearing at all. Most of the garments have an empire waist, which I think is the most universally flattering shapes out there. How gorgeous is this dress?!

The Week When My Blog Turned 4

It's been four years since I wrote the first post on this little blog of mine. Four years! Can you believe it? I certainly can't. I won't be getting all mushy mushy again, since there's been more than enough of those kind of posts on here recently, but I can't not think about where my life would be heading right now if I'd never started blogging. Would I still be in school? Would I be moving to London anyway? Would becoming a makeup artist or setting up my own online store even cross my mind? Would I dare to put up a video of me talking into a camera for the world to see? Probably not. Most definitely not. I was a very different person four years ago. Sure I was interested in beauty, traveling and dozens of other things I'm still interested in now, but I had never imagined my life taking such a strong turn. All I can say is, thank god I was bored out of my mind and had no friends on September 20th 2010, when I decided to set up The Puzzle of Sandra's Life. And thank god all of you decided to come along for the ride. Thank you!

Not only did my blog celebrated its fourth birthday this week, but my youtube channel also reached a lovely milestone - 2000 subscribers. That's one small step for man the youtube community, one giant leap for mankind Sandra. :)

iPhone 6 is definitely one of the hottest topics right now. I'm totally jumping on the bandwagon this time around and getting Apple's new release myself. I'm sick and tired of my barely functional Samsung, which has been driving me insane for the past year, so I'm finally making the switch from Android to iOS. Gasp, shock, horror! I know, the Android lovers probably think I'm insane, but I honestly don't know what the 'Android is so much better' hype is all about. It's crap and I can prove it to you. Anyway, I've been an Apple fan for as long as I can remember, but never had the opportunity to get my hands on an iPhone. The mobile network I have a contract with released them only about a year ago in my country, when my hopes for my current phone were still somewhat high. I'm more than ready to welcome a new member of the Apple family into my life now, though. While I'm impatiently waiting for the suckers to release it in my country, I'm watching and reading everything and anything about it. The most interesting video I've stumbled upon is Casey Neistat's 'Black Market Takes Over the iPhone 6 Lines'. Remember the days when excited tech geeks and hipsters were standing in lines for days just to get their hands on the latest iPhone release? Apparently, this is not the case anymore. They were replaced by totally different crowds of people. See what I'm talking about here.

I think it's time to start sharing some love over here on my blog! Recently, I started noticing that the blogger/youtube community became quite cliquey and not a lot of people support each other anymore, unfortunatelly. The same huge bloggers and youtubers are being mentioned all the time, but there's so many more fantastic people who create wonderful content out there! One of them is Alex, a person behind Beautyosaurus Lex. I've been really enjoying watching her videos lately. I love the quality of her videosas well as her personality, so if you haven't heard about her yet, go check out her channel.


How I Shape, Groom & Fill in My Eyebrows

My eyebrows are very high on my makeup checklist, preceded only by under eye concealer. I feel naked when I don't fill them in. Does anyone else feel like that? From time to time, I get people asking me how I get them the way they are, so I think it was about time for me to film 'My Eyebrow Routine' video. I'll tell you everything you need to know to get your eyebrows from crap to fab. To hear my tips on shaping, grooming and filing in, simply watch the video below.

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Review

Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Review

I purchased Elizabeth Arden's award winning Eight Hour Cream back in January for my makeup artist kit, but I haven't used it up until now. For the past few weeks, my lips have been extremely chapped. I tried every single lip product under the sun I have in my house and not one helped me. Not even the famous Reve de Miel Balm. But more on that later. Eight Hour Cream was my last resort, and it is the product I have to thank for saving my lips. 
Elizabeth Arden Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant Review

The cream comes in a tube and is very thick compared to other creams, so I can't imagine putting it all over my face. I actually wouldn't describe it as a cream, because nothing about this product screams cream to me. The colour is not white but peach, it is a bit sticky, greasy, and smells very unique. I've been thinking about how to desribe it for hours, but I honestly have no idea what it could be compared to. You'll just have to go smell it yourself. Keep in mind, there are two different formulas out there - the original one and the fragrance free one. I have the fragrance free one, so I have no idea how the original smells like. Having said that, mine still has a scent even though it's fragrance free. I hope this makes sense.

As I have said, I use the product for my chapped lips, but apparently, it works for a whole list of other problems as well. To name a few, you can use it on your dry patches, cuticles, feet, sunburns, brows or just to add gloss to a model's lips/eyelids/cheekbones at a photoshoot. That's what I call a multi-purpose product! Also, did you know that this little miracle was created more that 80 years ago?! Amazing! Do you use it yourself?

Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Illuminoil Review

Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Illuminoil Review
I've tried many different hair oils in the past few years. Some were good, others not so much (I'm looking at you Moroccanoil). But none of them were as great as the one I'll be talking about today. Jo Hansford's Expert Colour Care Illuminoil is top notch and totally deserves its name, liquid gold. The oil was created by Jo Hansford, one of the world's leading hair colourists popular especially amongst celebrities. Oh, how I wish I had enough money for her to do magic on my hair! But at least her products are accessible for us normal human beings.

Illuminoil comes in a sturdy glass bottle with a pump, and is suitable for all hair types. One thing that initially surprised me besides the clear colour (oils usually look yellow) was the scent. All hair oils I've tried so far had a more or less similar, rich nutty scent, this one, however, smells very citrusy. My first response was: this doesn't smell right, this ain't gonna work. But it does. It works amazing.
Jo Hansford Expert Colour Care Illuminoil Review
The product contains the blend of Pomegranate, Argan, Karanja and Jojoba oils. It feels very lightweight and gives my hair the most beautiful shine. The reality is, my hair is burnt - you can read about the incident here - and consequently looks and feels very lifeless. However, when I put this oil on, it turns into a soft, glossy, frizz free goodness.

I use the oil as a finishing product. I put it on almost every day, on my dry hair, but you can also use it on your wet hair before blowdrying, as an overnight scalp treatment or as an intensive 10-minute treatment after shampooing/before conditioning. 50 ml of this product, which you can buy here, will cost you 36,85€, but trust me, it is well worth the money. I'm definitely getting a new bottle when I run out of it. 

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup 'Too Cool for School' Wow Gloss Review

Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup 'Too Cool for School' Wow Gloss Review

Being a self-proclaimed lip gloss hater, I never thought I would grow to love them, but things change and so do I. Lip glosses have become less sticky and free of chunky glitter since my elementary school years, which has definitely helped me embrace them. Clarins Lip Perfectors and NYX Butter Glosses even got their permanent spot in my handbag, but now, I have another one to add to the collection - Makeup Revolution's I Heart Makeup Wow Gloss in 'Too Cool for School'.
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup 'Too Cool for School' Wow Gloss ReviewIt comes in the cutest packaging with a flat doe foot applicator. I love how unique the shape of the tube is (wide + slim). It looks pretty bulky at first, but it's actually very sleek.
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup 'Too Cool for School' Wow Gloss Review swatch

The light pale pink shade is right up my alley. The pigmentation is just perfect and I love the milky effect. The lip gloss is comfortable to wear, doesn't have a particular scent and isn't sticky. Yay for that! I think it's perfect for everyday activities such as school or work. I actually used the lip gloss in my 'Back to School Makeup Tutorial' video in case you haven't watched it yet. 
Makeup Revolution I Heart Makeup 'Too Cool for School' Wow Gloss Review lip swatch

I have to say, Makeup Revolution has pleasantly surprised me once again. I'm already adding new items to my wishlist. Which products should I definitely check out?

My Favourite Essence Products

It's no secret that Essence is one of my all time favourite drugstore brands. I've been using their products for ages and have tried plenty of them, so I hought I would share the selection of my top 5 with you today. I'm really glad that the brand was launched in the UK as well recently, as I can't imagine my life on the island without some of their gems. Find out which in the video below! 
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