My Summer in the City Experience

Here's the promised non-vloggy video about my Summer in the City experience. I'm talking about the panels I went see, what I liked about the event and what I think should be improved for next year. I know that this video might not be interesting to all of you, but it might come in handy to those of you who are thinking about attending a youtube convention in the future.

The Week When I Went to Summer in the City

Last weekend my YouTube-turned-real-life friends and I attended Summer in the City. For those of you who aren't YouTube nerds and have no idea what I'm talking about right now, SitC is a YouTube convention organized to bring YouTubers and fans together for the weekend of learning and fun. I was originally only planning to go on Friday, which was Creator Day, but since all of my friends had weekend tickets as well, I changed my mind last minute and came along on Saturday and Sunday as well. I'll be filming a separate video about my experience, which will hopefully go up on Sunday, but until then, I have a little vlog montage for you to see how it looked like. I hope you'll enjoy! 

My Most Repurchased Makeup Products

It's funny how I always talk about my new, current favourites but fail to mention products that have been a part of my makeup collection for years and are used on a daily basis. Today, it's time to change that and give them the centre stage. 

The Week When I Went to the Brighton Pride Parade

I had one more weekend to spend with my sister and since the sun has finally made an appearance (still waiting for warmer temperatures, though), we took advantage of it and spent some time having fun outdoors. On Friday, after I finished my work, we had an evening picnic at Primrose Hill, and on Saturday, we drove down to Brighton for the pride parade. It was fun!

July Beauty & Random Favourites

This month was all about great beauty and music (re)discoveries. See what I've been loving in the video below! Oh, and there might also be some singing involved. Don't say I didn't warn you! 

The Week When I Visited the Zoo

What a busy week I've had! On Monday I started my new job AND my sister came to visit me for two weeks, so I'm pretty sure you can imagine the amount of time I've had to sit down and relax. None is the correct answer, haha. Figuring out a new routine whilst trying to keep my sister entertained as well left me with zero downtime, but at the same time, I love having someone around who is up to keeping me company and going on a few trips with me! Unfortunatelly, some of our plans fell through due to the horrendously cold and wet weather we've been having, but we did manage to visit the London Zoo on Saturday. It was fun.  

London Flat Hunting Tips

London Flat Hunting Tips

Ever since I moved to London, my inbox has been overflowing with messages, mainly from acquaintances and you guys, asking me for advice regarding 'the big move'. Most of you are interested in job and flat hunting, and today, it's time for me to cover one of the topics - how to go about finding your new home. While I always try to respond to all your e-mails (unless they're mean), giving such advice to every single person separately can be very time-consuming, so I felt like gathering your most-asked questions and including my own points in a shareable video format would be the most efficient way to go about it. Having moved three times in the past ten months and having seen it all, I like to consider myself quite an expert, haha. I truly hope the knowledge I've gained so far will help you out at finding a place in London or deciding whether or not to even move here. As always, I'm happy to help anyone, so if you do have any more questions, drop me a line and I'll make sure to get back to you. And also, don't forget to share this post with people who might find it useful.
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