Gifts from Labello

Labello is one of those brands I've been using ever since I was little. I even remember collecting tubes of their empty lip balms at one point. I had a whole shelf of them! I guess I've always been a little weird...

I have to admit, for the past few years, I've been trying out so many different brands that I completely forgot about Labello. But the lovely PR team contacted me recently, offering me to try out some of their (new) product, and of course, I couldn't say no! I'm happy to report that the products are even better than I remember them to be. 

My favourite one of the bunch is Coconut Lip Butter with Shea Butter and Almond Oil. It comes in a pot, so it's not necessarily the best product to use on the go, but it works amazing as a pre-bedtime treatment. It's buttery, moisturizes your lips, and smells heavenly. 
The other two come in a tube packaging. They both feel buttery and make your lips feel moisturized as well. Fruity Shine Cherry also gives a lovely glossy tint to your lips, which makes it perfect for when you're wearing makeup and don't want to deal with potentially drying lipsticks. And it smells great! Like cherries, as the name suggests. 

Repair & Beauty was the only lip balm from the package I wasn't too sure about when I first tried it on. It says that it repairs chapped, dry lips and gives them a healthy rosy glow, which is great, but since it contains menthol, it also gives you the tingling sensation that I hate from the bottom of my heart. Having said that, I actually did end up using it on a regular basis. The tingling sensation is luckily very mild and disappears rather quickly, so I don't even mind it anymore. 

I will for sure be picking up more Labello products in the future. It's a shame I haven't been using them for the past few years because they truly are great. 

What's in My Bag?

What's in My Bag?' is along with 'My Room Tour' and 'My Makeup Collection' one of those videos that every beauty/fashion youtuber eventually ends up filming. I took me two years to put mine up, but here it finally is! 

Monthly Personal Update

Some of you might have noticed that my weekly posts have disapperaed from planet Earth. To be honest, I have no excuse apart from me finally having a life (and being a bit confused). After four years of working on my blog pretty much all the time, it feels weird being 'away'. I mean, I have put up posts here and there but I'm feeling quite detached from the whole blogging world right now. Lack of time and barely-existing wi-fi are the main two reasons I've been posting and interacting with you less, but while this is something that has been driving me mental, I feel like the sometimes-voluntary-sometimes-involuntary absence also gave me a very much needed break.

In the past year, I reached a point where I started seeing my blog as my job. In a non-financial way, obviously, as this is still very much only my hobby and not my source of income. Don't get me wrong, I enjoy doing it very much, I always have and I think I always will, but I started putting this weird pressure on myself for no apparent reason. I felt stressed out when I didn't put up a post on the day I decided it was supposed to go up; I was often disappointed with how my posts or videos turned out; I felt discouraged by the lack of feedback/views; and I started comparing myself to other, bigger, better bloggers. Basically, I've been digging myself a hole and started questioning if what I do has any purpose at all. I felt like I wasted so much time on it for nothing and considered quitting it all together more times I would like to admit. But here I am, still kicking. As I have said, I love blogging and quitting it would probably do my mental state more harm than good. I just decided to take another approach. I'm going back to the old ways, treating my blog as my hobby with the capital H, posting whenever I feel like it with no schedules or pressure. Screw the views! When I started blogging, my sister has been the only person who was reading my blog. For a year. No joke. And you know what? If my journey ends with just her catching up with my blabbering from time to time, then so be it. I started blogging when it wasn't 'cool' yet, without any sort of expectations, mainly to have some kind of an outlet, so why have I started putting so much pressure on myself? I have no idea. I just know that it has to stop. 

On a different note, what has been happening with me, you ask? Well, a lot, haha. I don't even recognize myself anymore sometimes. Don't worry, I'm still the same old me, I'm just a lot more go-go-go. After spending a year mainly just sitting at home in front of my laptop, it feels weird being on the move all the time. London and its fast-paced way of life got under my skin. In the last two months, I only had one 'staying inside the house' day. There's so much going on in London it would be a shame to miss all the exciting things. My 'social' life has been so busy compared to the one back home that I have a feeling I've been living here for years, not just a few months. I don't even remember anymore all the things I've done recently. There was a lot of restaurant visits, Christmas markets, Winter Wonderland and of course shopping. I've been shopping A LOT. From Primark to Harrods, there are very few stores I haven't set my foot in yet. I've mostly been looking for Christmas presents, but I treated myself to a few bits and pieces as well. I'll show you everything (minus the gifts) in my upcoming haul video whenever I decide to film it. 

Oh, I almost forgot to tell you one of the greatest news ever. It looks like I'll finally be attending a concert. Yes, I'm almost 23 and I haven't been to a proper concert before. Don't judge. Blame the ridiculously small country I'm coming from and plans never working out. But it's safe to say I picked the best first concert. I'm going to see Ed Sheeran! I still can't believe I managed to get tickets. He's one of my favourite artists and I can't wait to see him perform live in July. Especially now that he's released Thinking Out Loud. I'm obsessed. And possibly in love. 

The 'Me Time' Tag

You know you're busy (or without wi-fi) when you put up a post four days after it was supposed to go up. Oh, dear. I can't wait to go home for the holidays so I can properly enjoy the world of internet and do some work, haha. But enough about my first world problems. Today I have another video for you called The 'Me Time' Tag. It's all about how I spend my precious free time. Enjoy! :)

The Best Face Products for Dry and Dehydrated Skin

After ages of being in a war with the dry patches that love to appear on my face especially during the colder months, I think I finally won the battle. I've tried a ridiculous amount of products over the past few years, and most of them sadly left me unimpressed. Having said that, 2014 seemed to be my lucky year, as I discovered quite a few gems I'm going to talk about today. If you're a fellow dry skin sufferer, look no further!

La Roche-Posay Nutritic Intense Riche: I call this cream a game changer. It was the first product that actually made a difference to my dry skin and the product that restored my faith in skincare. I put it on pretty much every night and it always does its magic. When I wake up, my skin feels soft and moisturized with no dry patches in sight. It also doesn't hurt that it smells absolutely lovely! Just to give you a heads up, this is a rather rich and thick cream that doesn't sink in right away, which is why I would only recommend you to use it before going to bed.

La Roche-Posay Hydreane Riche: Hydreane Riche is the newest addition to my skincare routine. I would describe it as a lighter version of Nutritic Intense Riche, perfect for every day. It moisturizes your skin, but since it isn't too heavy and sinks in super fast, it works great as a makeup base as well. I actually just did a full review on this one, so if you want to know the details (and possibly win a tube for yourself), make sure to check out this post.

Nuxe Huile Prodigieuse: The best way to describe this multi-purpose dry oil is a miracle in a bottle. A deliciously smelling miracle in a bottle that is. You can use it on your face, body or hair. I mainly use it on my face as a substitute for my beforementioned night creme from time to time, when I feel like pampering myself. I was a bit hesinant to try it at first, because I thought having oil on my face for a longer period of time would clog my pores, but I'm glad I ended up giving it a go. My fears were completely unjustifiable. It's really lovely and not excessively greasy. After it sinks in, you're left with the silkiest skin!

Bioderma Solution Micellaire: Let's say a few words about cleansers/makeup removers. I still can't believe I've been using makeup remover wipes before switching to this holy grail of mine. What a difference! The solution does a great job at removing my makeup without stripping my skin of all moisture and leaving it 'tight'. I always buy a bunch of them when I go to France and currently have about six bottles waiting for me back home. I know, I'm obsessed. I either use the one for sensitive skin (pink cap) or the one for dry/dehydrated skin (blue cap). I don't notice any difference between the two to be honest.

Liz Earle Cleanse & Polish Hot Cloth Cleanser: Once I remove my makeup with Bioderma, I follow up with Liz Earle's Cleanse & Polish to thoroughly cleanse my skin. I put it all over my face and then wipe it off with a muslin cloth soaked in hot water, which also helps to remove dead skin cells/dry patches. The product is very creamy and makes my skin squeeky clean, soft and bright.

Origins Drink-up Intensive Overnight Mask: I use this mask once a week, usually a night before washing my hair, because I leave it on over night and my hair tends to stick to it while I roll around in my sleep, haha. My skin literally drinks this product up and feels super moisturized once I wake up. Oh, and it smells like Haribo Frogs. I'm not even kidding.

That's it about the outstanding bunch suitable for dry and dehydrated skin that I have in my beauty drawer. I'm pretty content about my skincare routine right now, the only thing I'm still missing is a nice morning cleanser. I don't need any heavy-duty stuff, just something nice and creamy to remove the oily night residue. Any recommendations? And please let me know which product you use and love if you have dry/dehydrated skin yourself. There's always room for more amazing products! :D

Fall Beauty & Lifestyle Favorites

Finally a new video! It's been a while, I know. With that in mind, I hope you have nothing against long ones, because today's got a bit out of hand, haha. What can I say, I had a lot of awesome things to talk about. Oh, and there might be a secret giveaway half way through. Just saying... :)

My Go-to Fall Nude Lip Products

Kylie Jenner and her nude lips. She definitely brought back a trend that took the beauty world by storm. I myself have never been a fan of true nudes on me, because they simply don't suit me, but I've definitely grown to love slightly darker neutral shades as of recently. I'm not sure if these can be even classified as nudes, but they're my version of nude, so this is what I'm going to call them. 
From L to R: Natural Beauty, Nude & Tack.

Essence 'Natural Beauty' Longlasting Lipstick: This one is my old favourite. I've repurchased it two times already and I feel like I'll be repurchasing it until I die. It's the perfect on-the-go shade with a slight pink undertone that seems to go great together with every single makeup look I wear. It has a permanent place in my handbag, not only because of its 'my lips but better' shade, but also because it's extremely comfortable to wear due to its creaminess. 
Natural Beauty

Milani 'Nude' Color Statement Lip Liner: Telling you that I'm obsessed with this product right now is probably an understatement. I've been wearing it ALL THE TIME during the past month. It's just perfect and I'm so glad I have it in my possesion. I almost gave up on the search for the perfect nude lip liner, as I could never find the shade I was looking for. I hate how pretty much all of them are either full on pink or brown, but this one is right there in the middle. Love! So, we've established that the shade is awsome. How about the formula, you ask? It's flippin' amazing as well. It feels creamy but looks matte, so you get the best of both worlds - comfort and staying power. 

NYX 'Tack' Color Lip Balm: I wasn't sure about this one when I first got it (I won it in a giveaway), because it looked burgundy in the tube, but once I applied it on my lips, I knew that it was a keeper straight away. A lip balm consistency makes sure your lips are nice and moisturized during the cold months, while the pigmentation leaves you with a nice dark pop of neutral colour. You can apply one coat if you want it to look suble or layer it up for a stronger effect. I personally also love wearing it over the Milani lip liner. Match made in heaven! 

How are you feeling about the nude lip trend that is currently going on? Love it or hate it? What are your favourite nudes? 
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