Not Your Usual Spring Break: Skiing in the French Alps

Spring Break Skiing in the French Alps Val Thorens

Every April, when most people decide to spend their spring break by the sea or fly away to explore a new city, my family drives up to the French Alps for a week of fun in the snow. I know what you're thinking... Snow? In the middle of spring? Why would you do this to yourself when you could go to the beach instead?! Well, I may be a beach bum by heart, but I'm always looking forward to this trip and after spending twenty of my spring breaks hitting the slopes in the place I now call my third home, I can't imagine it any other way. Even after all these years, I'm still getting strange looks every time I tell someone I'll be skiing for the Early May holiday, so today, I'll let you guys know my top three reasons for why I think it's amazing and why you should give it a go too at least once in your life!

1) It's warm. Ish.
I'm not too crazy about freezing temperatures, so spending the whole day outside when the thermometer shows way below zero is not exactly my idea of fun. That's why skiing during the warmer months is way more enjoyable for me. Nothing beats the fact that you can chill in front of a chalet after a day of cruising down the slopes and soak up the sun in nothing but a top. Pure bliss, I'm telling you! And don't worry, warmer temperatures don't mean there isn't any snow left. There's still plenty up there! In fact, waking up to a thick layer of fresh snow is something completely normal even during this time of the year.
Spring Break Skiing in the French Alps Val Thorens

2) It's cheaper. 
Skiing in the French Alps during the winter time can be pretty darn expensive, but in low season, you can find offers for all sorts of budgets. Not only do the prices of ski passes drop, but the accommodation is considerably cheaper as well, so you can find a room even on an affordable budget or treat yourself to a stay at one of those fancy luxury ski chalets with an open fire and an outdoor hot tub for a fairly reasonable amount of money. 

3) There's less crowds. 
Since most people don't think about skiing when choosing their spring break destination, it also means that there's a lot less crowds. No waiting in ski lift queues, no bumpiing into each other on the slopes and no snail-like service! What more could you wish for?!
Spring Break Skiing in the French Alps Val Thorens Snow Heart

So, have I convinced you to join me next year? :)

Feeling Pressured to Wear Makeup

Feeling Pressured to Wear Makeup
I've never been a daily makeup wearer. Despite being 'the makeup girl', I've never had a problem with going to school or work without makeup on, let alone felt the need to slather it on for a quick trip to the grocery store. Realistically speaking, I wear makeup two to four times a week, depending on what I have going on, how I feel, and how many new products I have to play with. If I'm filming or going out to an event, I'll put it on without a doubt, but if I'm just lounging around the house or taking a walk in the nearby park... it's not going to happen. Does that mean I don't actually like makeup? No. It just means that I'm too lazy to put it on, really. You see, makeup to me is not a necessity. I don't see it as a chore. In fact, I hope it will never become a chore for me, because I'm afraid that would lead to the end of our love affair. I see it as a creative outlet, as an exciting hobby and something I wear whenever I feel like it. I never saw that as a problem, but after setting my foot in the beauty industry, I was greeted with disapproval and the pressure of wearing a full face of makeup at all times in order to look professional and convey my love for makeup. I personally think it's ridiculous how the society nowadays treats us women for wearing too much or too little makeup, and I would love to hear where you stand on this topic. Please watch the video below for a further explanation and join in on the discussion!  

Products I've Recently Used Up

Products I've Recently Used Up - Nars Sheer Glow, Batiste Dry Shampoo, Vichy Idealia, etc.

Every time I finish filming an empties video I breathe a huge sigh of relief, because that means I can finally throw away a huge bag of used up products that I've been piling up in the closet for months. Not only can it starts to feel like you're living in dumpster, but it can also lead to some very interesting, concerned conversations with non-YouTube-y people in your life in case they accidentally stumble upon the said pile. Been there, done that. When my mom discovered it in my room way back when, she staged an intervention and considered calling up the 'Hoarding: Buried Alive' team. True story. I think she got frightened I got my grandma's genes. Let's just say there's a reason why we say she has the so called 'hrčkov sindrom'. If you're not Slovenian, it translates into 'the hamster syndrome', but I don't think this idiom makes much sense in English... Basically, she's a bit of a hoarder. Not quite the TLC kind, but big enough. Ahh, I digressed! I just wanted to let you know that I did some quick but thorough reviews of the products I've recently used up, and you can hear all about them in the video below. I really don't know how I managed to turn one simple sentence into a whole, rather useless paragraph. Oh, well! Who's glad I'm back to blogging, haha?!

March Madness

March Madness - Makeup Revolution Blogger Event Party, Amy Winehouse Foundation Gig, Flat Hunting, Freelancing

March was a crazy month for me, but in a good way, for a change. I attended two amazing events, one of them being Makeup Revolution's 2nd birthday blogger party, which turned out to be a real success. They went all out, spoiling us bloggers with free drinks, yummy food, awesome music and a gift bag full of goodies. I was even joined by some Slovenian bloggers who came over all the way from Slovenia just for the event! All in all, it was a fun night, and believe it or not, yours truly even had a couple of drinks and hit the dancefloor. It doesn't happen very often in Sandraland, that's for sure!

The second event I went to was a bit more chill, but incredible nonetheless. It was a fundraising gig in Camden organized in cooperation with the Amy Winehouse Foundation, where some local, upcoming artists performed Amy Winehouse's songs. It's no secret that I'm a huge fan of Amy's music. I always have been and always will be. Due to unfortunate circumstances, I'll never be able to see her live like I'd wanted to, but I'm glad I had the opportunity to hear her music come alive again, while being surrounded by her family, friends and fellow fans. It was a magical night with a great purpose, and I was happy to be a part of it. I'm still rewatching the footage I took on a daily basis, because the covers were just SO good. Especially 'Back to Black' by Autumn Sharif. Trust me when I say this girl is going to be HUGE one day!

Events aside, I also had one very important and a lot less enjoyable activity going on... Flat hunting! I spent weeks unsuccessfully searching through ads online and right when I was about to give up and reconcile myself to the fact that I'll just have to move back home, I found it! A huge, bright room in a lovely flat in a quiet suburban neighbourhood. Hurray! I'm moving in a few weeks' time and couldn't be more excited, which brings me to my other big news... I may or may not have made a slightly terrifying career move. It's something I'll probably discuss in a completely separate post very soon, so I won't go into detail now, but you can find out what I'm talking about in one of the vlogs below.

How to Conceal Imperfections

How to conceal imperfections. How to cover dark under eye circles, redness and acne.

I don't think it's wrong for me to say that us women wear makeup for mainly two reasons: to conceal and to enhance. Agree? Today we'll be focusing on that first part. Dark under eye circles, redness and pimples are imperfections all of us have to deal with at one point or another, and I know how ridiculously annoying they can be when you're trying to achieve flawless complexion. I myself was 'blessed' with thin, almost see-through skin and if there's anyone out there who knows the struggles a multi-colored face brings, it's me. Lucky for you, years of experience and a professional makeup course later have left me with a whole bunch of tricks up my sleeve that I'm now happy to share with you guys. All you have to do to learn everything from A to Z is press the play button below, sit back and relax. And don't let the mention of green and orange concealers freak you out! I promise you're going to thank me later. 

What's in my 'Going Home' Carry-on Bag?

what's in my carry-on bag and michael kors jet set travel tote review

Right before my trip to Slovenia, I decided to film a quick 'What's in my Carry-on Bag?' video to show you what I usually take with me on a plane when I travel back to my home country. It's one of those videos I'm always unsure about filming, as the concept sounds incredibly boring to me, but you guys seem to love them, so I guess I'll keep them coming! Are the contents of your carry-on bag ever similar to mine?

February Fun

Even though my anxiety got even worse come February, I spent a good chunk of the month surrounded by family, which definitely helped a lot. First my sister and her boyfriend came to visit me for a little bit and, bless them, were fine with me third wheeling along, even on the actual Valentine's Day, haha! Sorry guys... I hope Five Guys and a trip to Brighton paid things off. Speaking of Brighton, I can now finally say I know how the city looks like when it's not pissing it down. For some reason, all my previous Brighton trips involved terrible weather, but this time around, I was even able to take my sunglasses out of the case! All in all, I had a great time, and I can't wait to go back soon. It's quickly becoming one of my favourite spots! There's just something about the ocean and the chill beach town vibe which are both right up my alley. 

February also involved a trip back home to Slovenia. What it was supposed to be a weekend getaway to attend my sister's prom, turned into a 10-day-long 'break' filled with Benji time, quite a bit of work and skiing, which brings me to some exciting news! If you've been a follower of mine since before my move to London, you'll probably remember my yearly trips to Val Thorens, France, where my family goes to ski every spring break. Unfortunetely, I wasn't able to come along last year, but next month, I'm flying home and joining in on the fun! I can't freakin' wait! Would you be interested in daily vlogs by any chance? 
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