September Top 20 Playlist

It's time to show you the songs I've been listening to the most in the past month! But just to warn you, I have a slight Bruno Mars obsession right now. And by the way, has anyone seen the Lion King Musical? I went to see it in London and it was just the most amazing thing ever! I had goosebumps throughout the whole show!

1. Bruno Mars: Count On Me

2. Usher: DJ Got Us Fallin' In Love

3. Kiss: I Was Made For Lovin' You

4. Bruno Mars (feat. Damian Marley): Liquor Store Blues

5. The Pretty Reckless: Light Me Up

6. The Pretty Reckless: Miss Nothing

7. Bruno Mars: The Other Side

8. The Pretty Reckless: Nothing Left To Lose

9. Bruno Mars: Somewhere In Brooklyn

10. Bruno Mars: Talking To The Moon

11. One Night Only: Sweet Sugar

12. Bruno Mars: Who Is

13. Bon Jovi: What Do You Got?

14. Selena Gomez & The Scene: A Year Without Rain

15. One Night Only: You And Me

16. The Kooks: Stormy Weather

17. Misty Miller: Remember

18. Eurythmics: 17 Again

19. Disney-The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast): Circle Of Life

20. Disney-The Lion King (Original Broadway Cast): They Live In You


  1. How cute is your blog?! I love the title and pix.


    November Grey

  2. Thanks for such a lovely first comment. :)

  3. Wow, really? The Lion King Musical was that good? I havent seen it. I wish they'd show it here in the Philippines. I saw Beauty and the Beast on Ice a few years back. It was awesome too!


  4. I think all the musicals can be spectacular with an amazing cast and the Lion King in London definitely has it.
    I just love the african music and performers' vocals... :)

    Beauty and the Beast on Ice sounds really great too!

    I would LOVE to see some other musicals in the future, it's really a shame there aren't any in my country. :(


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