Last Day Of 2010

Here we are, there are just a couple of hours of 2010 left and I can not believe how fast this year has passed by...

2010 was one of the most important years in my entire life if not THE most important. It was definitely the most stressful one, but also the most exciting one. So many things have happened and some of them have really changed my life.

2010 started with my oh-so-amazing trip to Australia, where I also celebrated my 18th birthday; In April I got my (first) dog that I've wanted for my whole life; in June I finished high school and got my first real summer job; in July I went to Menorca; and in August, my friend and I went to London, where we really had a blast. What is more, I stated my first year of university in October and at the beginning of December, I got my driving license. So yeah, 2010 was quite an evenful year for me and I hope that 2011 will be even better. :)

Ohh, I forgot to mention one more important thing I did this year - I finally gathered enough courage to start this blog, which is still in its early stages, but I promise to make it better in the next year. 

And for the final goodbye to the best year in my life so far, here is my 2010 in photos...


  1. best of wishes for the new year xo

  2. loved your post
    happy 2011

    please review my revitalash post and ask me questions :)


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