Nail of the Day: Mount Royal by American Apparel

From now on, I decided to do new series of posts called ''Nail of the Day''. From time to time, I'll show you a nail polish I'm wearing at the time, and do a very quick review. Would you be interested in these kind of posts?

One of my obsessions is definitely buying new nail polishes all the time. Even if I don't wear make-up or get dressed up for school, I ALWAYS paint my nails. I cannot stand my nails without nail polish, and I really think that a pop of color on your fingers can make a big difference to any outfit.

Here is my first ''Nail of the Day''!

This lovely royal blue - it is a royal blue color, right? - nail polish is called ''Mount Royal''. I bough it at the American Apparel in London. I totally fell in love with all the colors from their nail polish collection, but I limited myself on buying only three. This is one of them.

The first photo is taken outside in the natural light, and the second one is taken in my room with a flash. I also wanted to take a photo inside without the flash, because the color appears much darker indoors, but all the photos turned out really blurry, so I decided not to include them in this post. Now, I would just like to add another thing. You can probably notice that the nail polish is chipping a little bit at the end of my nails, but this is actually the third day of wearing it, so considering that, I think it has a pretty good durability. On my nails, it lasted for five days (I had no base coat or top coat). Ohh, I forgot to tell you another thing. I only applied one coat of this nail polish. Doesn't it have amazing coverage?


  1. I am the same but with toenails. I HAVE to have colour on them.

    This is a nice blue. And I would love to see nail polish posts.

    Do you have any emerald colours? :)

  2. Very nice nail polish, actually I love that colour!It's spring and summer is on the way, so that colour reminds of the sea and summer vacation...since I m greek it reminds me a lot of greek islands!!Also many many thanks for your comment and your kind words!I hope we ll be following each other from now on :D xxx <3

  3. i do like the colour :D lovely blog :) x

  4. Thank you all for your lovely comments. :)

    @Miss Vodka: I actually don't have any emerald colors but thanks for the idea! :D

  5. Love love love this colour!

    does it sticks long?

    x Je suis Sophie

  6. @Sophie: Yes, it sticks pretty long. You can wear it for at least 5 days without serious chipping-and the nail polishes on my nails usually chip a bit faster(I'm always doing something with my nail tips XD) so I think this is really great.

  7. ooo, such a pretty blue!
    thankyou for following! i've followed too x


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