Sparkly Romance

Before you take a look at the outfit, I would just like to take this opportunity to thank you for all your lovely comments and also for becoming my followers! I know that having 27 followers is not a big deal to most bloggers, but it truly means the world to me. I know that my blog can get a bit boring from time to time since I don't have a lot of time because of school, but I will try to do my best and be more creative when I actually have some free time. If not before, I'm really gonna ''step up my game'' in July, when I won't have any classes and exams. I already have so many cool ideas! Thank you again! Now you can finally go see my latest outfit suggestion. :)



  1. You are so sweet! :)

    I adore that Proenza purse. Since I can't afford Target messenger bag will do!

    I love the boots!

  2. Goos stuff, but a bit expensive :s

    take care

  3. Yes, these stuff really are expensive, but you can find many alternatives in the cheaper shops, right? ;)

  4. Nice combo girl!


  5. aww, these items are soo pretty!!

  6. I like all of these clothes!)))) so stylish)

  7. Hi! :) love this outfit, anything that has sparkles is right up my alley :) congrats on the followers!! I just got to 30 and it's so awesome!! I hope you can stop by my blog sometime, some new posts going up this week :) following you Now!



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