Val Thorens: Day 4 & 5

I have two more days of my holiday to share with you! I hope you aren't bored with my recent posts. I promise, this one is going to be shorter than the previous one. :)

So, yesterday, I decided not to go skiing because I was really tired. The weather was gorgeous though, so my mother and I decided to go for a walk, and a cup of hot chotolate and waffles. Oh, how I love waffles; they're so yummy! But of course, the day wouldn't be complete without some shopping. I got quite a lot of stuff from Roxy, and then spent almost the whole afternoon looking for the right size of the helmet I spotted in one of the shops. I literally went to every single sports shop here in Val Thorens. I had no luck with finding it in the right size, but I really wanted it, so I decided to get it in one size bigger. Luckily, it fits perfectly. I've already tried it out today. 

Speaking about today, it was actually a quite intersting day if I may say so. My father and my sister pretty much forced me to go to the highest peak of Val Thorens (3200 m) and ski all the way down to the valley. I was quite scared to go there, because this skiing track is famous for being very long and very hard, but I'm happy to say that I came down in one piece, haha. Going down was actually the easiest part. The worst part was climbing on top of the vantage point. The way up there is surrounded by precipices and quite unprotected. Now, imagine myself climbing on the top of it in ski boots. A very scary picture, believe me. I admit, I had a little panic attack - this has ever happened to me before.

I have only two more days left here in Val Thorens, and then I have to head back home and start going to school again. What a bummer! If only I didn't have so many exams. I'm already very anxious about that. Stupid exams aside, I still have many photos from Val Thorens to show to you...

The foam in the fountain (it's a tradition) :P

The market

I know, I look terrible with a helmet on + this photo was taken right after my panic attack, haha.


  1. that place looks amazing!
    i've only ever been to japan for the snows as it dosent snow here in australia. and its wayyyyy to expensive to go on a snow trip here.


  2. So great! I miss the snow and skiing!!


  3. Love snow! You're beautifull girl,

    Following you from POrtugal!


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