Nail of the Day: Forget-me-not

About a month ago, I saw some new Essence nail polishes from their ''Blossoms etc...'' collection and I fell in love with their colours right away! However, I was very hesitant to buy them, because I had a few products from Essence before and I didn't really like them. But in the end, I decided to get them and just hoped for the best. I'm really glad I bought them now! The colours are super cute. You need two coats of nail polish to achieve the right colour, but surprisingly, it doesn't chip very easily. I've had it on for three days now and it still looks ok. This one is called ''Forget-me-not''. I'll show you the others in the next 'Nail of the Day' post.

I also decided to put on some Fing'rs Lifestyle nail art on my thumbs, and I think it turned out really cute. To secure it from falling off, I just applied some Essence topcoat, which luckily did its job as well. How do you like this nail polish colour?


  1. love it! i'm into the bright nails for spring!

  2. Love this color of nailpolish, so cute!!!!



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