Nail of the Day: A Hint of Mint & My Yellow Fellow

These are the last two nail polishes from my Essence Blossoms etc... collection. I absolutely love the green one but I'm not really fond of the yellow one. The green one, A Hint of Mint, is really nice. It's opaque and it goes for at least four days without chipping.

The yellow one is a different story. The application is streaky, you have to put on several coats to make it kind of opaque, and it just doesn't want to dry! It looks kind of messy up-close on your nails, so I would recommend using it on your toes only.This is such a shame because the colour itself is gorgeous!


  1. Both these colors are so cute! But I think I might like the yellow more.

    Style Soufflé

  2. i think minty green ~ i do nail art so fun~ go for more exotic colours!


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