Italy Haul

I know it's been a couple of weeks since I came back from Italy but I still haven't posted the promised haul. So, here it is! :)

The first store I went to was KIKO. I've never heard of this brand before but the store looked super nice and  I expected the products to be quite expensive, like MAC for example. I was wrong. All the products were quite affordable - not dirt cheap, but reasonably priced. The store had a whole wall of nail polishes and you could swatch every single product. I went for this unique shade of blue nail polish (3,5 €) and two lipsticks  in 409 and 410 (7€ each). I haven't tried the nail polish yet, but the lipsticks are amazing! They're very moisturizing and sheer (in a good way). I have to put them in a fridge, though, because they melted a little bit, it's very hot here right now... 

Next store I went to was OVS industry. I've never heard about it either. I didn't really like the clothes there except for the faux leather jacket, which was sadly too pricey and too small for me. However, I fell in love with this bag (20 €). I think it was the colour that caught my attention. I also bought the Eiffel tower earrings (6 €) and a bow ring (8 €) there, but the ring broke before I even had a chance to wear it. :(

This for me was the most exciting part. I was finally able to go to Sephora! We don't have it in my country, so I almost cried tears of joy when I stepped inside the store. Ok, I'm over-reacting a little bit, but still... And what was the best part? They had the naked palette (40 €)! I was almost 100% sure that I won't be able to get it because it's sold out everywhere, but I guess it was my lucky day. And it came with the primer potion too. The joy!

My next splurge was this Guess bag. I have a bag obsession as you may know, and I couldn't leave this one behind at the store. You see, she would feel very lonely. Oh, and it has a bow - another obsession of mine. 

The last store I went to was an italian department store called COIN. I was looking for it because they sell MAC products there (also non-existent in my country), but I didn't buy any MAC products in the end. I was kind of overwhelmed by all the products and felt very annoyed that they didn't have the names displayed. I had a few names of the products I wanted to check out in my mind, but I couldn't find them, because I would have to turn all the testers upside down and I didn't have time for that. Oh, and the testers had full of dust on them, yuck! I didn't come out of COIN empty-handed, though. I bought a really cute bracelet for 10€ and an essence mini palette in long beach for 4 €.


  1. I want the Naked palette so bad! I am hoping my sister can get it for me in USA cos they are sold out everywhere.
    Awesome haul! :)

  2. My Goodness! You got so many great things! I'm in love with your purple bag :)

    classy & fabulous


  3. Hi Sandra!
    I really love it your lipsticks! and your bracelet!
    I like it too your nail polish but i think it's very expensive! i buy all my nail polish in a shop for 0,90€ and i think it's great because all the time i go, i return with 2 or more nail pollish! hahaha i love it!(L)
    Well hope you have a great day!

  4. Wow, the bag is so gorgeous!!! The color is so amazing! I am also completely in love with the earrings!!!! Love your blog and now following! Maybe you'll have time to visit mine:)


  5. Great stuff!! You are going to love the UD Naked Palette!!!!

    Jayme & Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  6. all items are great! you have great style ;)
    we`ll follow you)

  7. Lovely! New follower here! Hope you can follow me back :)

  8. oh, enjoy your naked palette!
    you've got a lovely haul!
    thanks for dropping by my blog..
    hope we can follow each other.. keep in touch hun!

  9. Awh, you got some really nice stuff! I would be excited at use about Sephora haha xxx

  10. I honestly love everything you've got. The purse, the makeup, the earrings, everything :) Hope you had a great time there!

    *Cappuccino and Fashion* blog

  11. The naked palette was the best investment I ever did! Love it!


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