Lovely Blog Award No. 2 & 3

Hey everyone! I would first like to thank every single one of you for reading my blog. I've reached 100 followers mark two weeks ago and I couldn't be happier! 100 followers might not be a lot to some people, but this time last year nobody was reading my blog so it is very exciting to know that I'm not writing these things only for myself. :D

Let's now go to the point of this post. Anna from Fashion and the Village and Stella from Miss Starshiny  were really kind and gave me 'one lovely blog award'. Thanks girls! This is actually my second 'one lovely blog award' post (you can see the previous one here), but because one of the rules is to tell 7 random thing about myself, I'll just tell you some other random things I haven't mentioned in the previous post. :D

1. Link the person that gave you this award in your post.
2. Tell seven random things about yourself.
3. Pass this award to another 15 Blogs 
4. Let them know that you did.

o My favorite magazine is Glamour (British edition).
o I've become obsessed with glitter and duochrome nail polishes.
I'm quite organized.
o I can't go to bed before 2 am. Even if I'm tired as hell... 
o I don't drink coffee. 
o I often dream that my teeth are falling out. It's so scary! (Does anyone know what this means?)
o I used to dance hip-hop but I had to quit because of my knee injury. :(

I'm passing this award to...


  1. Congratulations for the awards and reaching over hundred readers - I think that's quite a lot.

    Nice facts. I love glitter too but in acrylic nails and I love to stay up late too. :-)

  2. Big thanks for the award. :)
    Dreams about teeth falling out are not good. :(
    It means illness or death of a relative.

  3. Good lord! I hope this is not true. I've had these dreams for years and nothing like that has happened...for now...

  4. congrats to your follower and your awards :) I have to thank you, that you gave me this award, really nice blog you have ! :) wanna follow each other ?

  5. Congrats!
    I heard this dream means you will lose money.

    I can't believe you stay up so late! I would be so tired!

  6. Thank you so much for giving me this award! And congratulations as well; you totally deserve it!


  7. Congratulations on your award and followers!!

  8. You have such a lovely blog. New follower !

  9. @Miss Vodka That could actually make sense...I've been shopping way too much! :D

  10. congrats on your award :)
    btw although dreaming about falling teeth isn't a good thing ,don't worry as long as you're not bleeding in the dream , I love your blog :)

  11. Congrats on your award sweetie :) I am onehundred percent obsessed with Glamour magazine too ha-ha I buy it everytime I can when I think I deserve a treat ;) ha-ha

    Dreams about your teeth meen stress/worry I think :) I used to get them all the time when I was doing my A-levels I once dreamt the whole lot fell out but it was some weird trick by my dentist ha-ha she'd hidden my 'real' ones underneath :P


  12. CONGRATULATIONS! You totally deserve every single one of your followers! Thank you so so much for giving me this award ohh and I'm obsessed with Glamour magazine too (:

  13. Congratulations sweetheart..and at the same time.. thank you loads and loads for this wonderful award.. this is my very first award..and you will always be remembered! trust me! :)

    and yes' I entered this contest.. like my photo and help me win!

  14. LOL at the shopping too much comment =)

    Congrats to you, and thanks for passing on the award to me!!! It means a lot coming from a blog that I love too!



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