Sandra's Book Club: The Book of Tomorrow by Cecelia Ahern

I've been thinking a lot about what else could I write on my blog lately and a book club was one of the first ideas that came up my mind.

I like to read books but honestly, I don't really have much time to read the books I would like to during the school year so summer is definitely ''the book season'' for me. I prefer chick lit but I also read other genres so I'm open for any suggestions!

Today, I decided to review a book by Cecelia Ahern, the author of the famous PS, I Love You. I'm not going to give you a full summary of the story because I really don't want to spoil the reading for you, I'll just tell you the basic summary and share my opinion about the book. 

The title of the book is The Book of Tomorrow. It's a story about a wealthy and spoiled teenage girl named Tamara, who lives for the day and is not at all worried about her future. But then her dad kills himself, leaves the family with a mountain of debt and she and her mother are forced to sell the house. They have no other choice but to move to the countryside and live with Tamara's weird uncle and his even weirder wife. Long story short, Tamara is really bored out there so she decides to borrow a book from a travelling library and that's when her life starts to change drastically. 

As superficial as this sounds, I still  have to admit that the thing that made me want to read the book is the cover. Isn't it gorgeous? Anyway, I had quite high expectations for this book but it disappointed me. It started alright, but it soon became very boring and quite senseless. I would quit reading it if I didn't have this weird habit that I have to finish the book no matter how bad it is. Well, thank god for this habit of mine because the last quarter of the story became quite interesting. Without the ending, this book would be a major FAIL for me. 


  1. Great idea! I love to hear other people's reviews of books before I make the decision to jump in. I'm the same way about NEEDING to finish a book that I start...even if sometimes it's painful to do so. ;)

    XOXO ~
    Mendi @ Her Late Night Cravings

  2. I find this sounds like one of those disney movies.. you know? but I'm sure it isn't as one dimensional.. just the same sounds interesting

  3. I've been meaning to read this for ages.. I agree, it was the cover that attracted me to it, I don't think it would interest me that much.. i may give this one a miss :)

  4. @Rachhh I've read many books by Cecelia Ahern and they were all really good so I suggest you to read some other one written by her. :)

  5. I've read this book ^^ I actually didn't like it at the beginning but then I made myself read it more and more =) All in all I liked the book ^^


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