Space-Saving Tips for Dorm Rooms

Like most university students, I have to live in a dorm room during the week. I'm lucky enough to have my own room and only have to share the kitchen and the bathroom with 5 other students, but the room is still very tiny compared to my bedroom back home. I had a bit of a trouble with organizing everything at the beginning of the move, but after a year, I've learned quite a lot of space-savings tricks that might also be helpful to some of you.

This can save you a lot of space! I recommend you to buy under the bed drawers or just some plastic boxes and put in all your extra sheets, towels, pillows, blankets and other random stuff you don't need  on a daily basis. Under the bed is also a great storage place for your suitcase, which you can empty and then use it for your dirty laudry.

Doors might not be the first thing that comes up your mind when you think about storage, but if you go get some hooks and door organizers, they can save you a whole lot of closet space. 

I have similar shelves above my dorm bed to store my books, school notes, folders, an extra pack of paper for my printer and some candles. :)

The left organizer is useful especially for storing things such as shoes and belts, and the right one is great if you have a tall closet but only one hanger thingy. By putting in the double hang closet organizer, you can double the closet space!

Aren't these great? Not only you can use them for storage but it is also great to have them if your friends come over. 

To save some desk space, I bought a few folder holders, a pen holder and some decorative storage boxes, which I stacked on top of one another. They don't only hold my dictionaries, magazines, accessories and make-up, but they also look really cute! You can also storage things under your desk. I recommend you to buy a drawer unit or stacking drawers, just make sure they will fit under your desk.


  1. Love this tips! Here in japan the closets are terrible ! I really need to show this in my blog !

    Nice post dear !

  2. These are some helpful ideas! I've had small closets in the past and the door organizer for shoes def. came in handy!

  3. ohhh love it I want the STORAGE OTTOMANS... super cute

  4. Great post! I have been needing to make more space in my apartment (cause I hate clutter) and some of your tips I am going to use!


  5. These are some amazing ideas =D thanks for sharing!!

  6. These are fantastic suggestions! I wish I had seen this post when I lived in a what they called a "dorm room" but was most certainly an old closet!

    Thank you for your comment, I have really enjoyed browsing your blog. I'll be back for more!

  7. Muy buenas las gustan las cajas debajo de la cama...un beso desde Murcia...

  8. great tips!!
    kisses and have a nice day=)

  9. Great Post thank you for these Ideas. I have to go to Ikea, i have so much JUnk i cant throw away.

    Love S.

  10. Those tips are great! im going to uni next year + im going to remember these! I love idea of those ottomans!!! xo

  11. I don't live in a dorm but these are still great ideas for my own home!!

    Thanks for the tips!!

    xoxo Denise

  12. We love your blog, it's wonderful and we are following you.
    We wish you a great weekend.
    Many kisses Glorinha
    We are the creators of the earring flower of life.

  13. Helo! I love your style! You have very beautiful pics! I will follow you:)
    Big hug & kiss:)

  14. Thank you for the comments! I'm so glad you found this post helpful. :)

  15. These are some great ideas. I've already put some in practice in my dorm room and I definitely have more storage space. :)

  16. love the boxes to put things under the bed and the thing to save things behind the door!!!!!
    i need a walk to ikea...:):)
    see you!!!
    thanks for visit my blog!!!
    see you around!

  17. Great post! I have a small house so I use these types of space saving things too! And in my bathroom since it's so tiny i use one of those over the door soft shoe holders to put extra stuff in like my flat iron and dryer and extra cosmetics.

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  18. Aww thank you for sharing these trips, you're so sweet! I'm glad to see this post because I'm a huge fan of storage and cleanliness haha


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