What I'm Loving: October 2011

If you follow me on twitter, you probably already know that I got an iPad about a month ago. When it first came out, I thought it was the stupidest thing, but after a while, I started to realize how awesome it is and now I'm completely in love with it. I decided to get it mostly because of school as I hated my hand-written notes last year. I write too slow to put down everything professors say, so I really needed something. One of the options was my laptop, of course, but it's way to big and too heavy to carry it with me all day long, so I made a decision to buy an iPad. I really don't regret it one bit! What I also like about it is that I can take it with me when I travel and only need an electronic device to check my mail, read blogs and do random other stuff on the interent. The only thing that's been bugging me is that I can't write and publish posts on my blog. I really have to figure this thing out before my future travels. Does anybody know if there are any apps that would make this possible?

Pixlr-o-matic App (for iPads or computers)
And while we're taliking about an iPad, I may as well share my new favorite app with you. It's called pixlr-o-matic and you can use if to transform your photos. You can find so many cool effects on there! It's free and it's also avaliable for computers. You can check it out here

<-- This is how I edited one of my boring photos.

2 Broke Girls
This sitcom is hilarious! You really have to watch it if you don't do it already. It is set in Brooklyn and follows the lives of two young waitresses - Max, who comes from a poor working-class family, and Caroline, who was rich just until recently. Both broke, they become friends, move in together and dream about opening their very own cupcake shop.

This Photo
This is a photo of my sister I took two week ago. I don't know, I just love it. :D

By the way, she has her own blog now and you can check it out here.

Say Something Nice Video


  1. beautiful pics!

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  2. There's a blogger app! It only lets you post blogs, not read others but it would do what you're looking for. :)


  3. @Anna Really? I can't seem to find it... :(

  4. I LOVE that video!! My sister sent it to me recently and I want one of those in the middle of where I live. So cute! Love the pictures!

  5. my grandmother bought me a month ago a notebook - it's a mini-laptop and I'm really glad. It's easier to write - I'm studying Russian philology so I need it...

  6. Def going to try the picture editing site.

  7. ouh, i like! :D
    Und das Bild von dir mit dieser App, das find ich zauberhaft!
    Danke für deinen süßen comment! xx

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    fashion is for idiots [like us]

  8. amazing creations these iPads are!!!
    have you tried incredi booth and hipstamatic?



  9. @lisazhang I haven't, but I will now that you've told me about them, thanks! :)

  10. You are really beautiful in the photo above!

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  11. nice post!!!! You said that you hated your ipad and when found out how it's working than you loved it. The same as I did with my i phone couldn't get it in the beggining but now I'm in love with it!!!
    Unfortunately don't know any app that you're asking :/ Nice photo of your sister!!!!!1
    Many kisses

  12. I have been contemplating getting an ipad to manage my blog on the go for sometime now. Now im discouraged after reading your post :( if you find an app please post

  13. @Aaron Don't be discouraged, it's great even though I would like to see some more apps for certain things! I'm sure there's an app for blogging, I just can't seem to find it. If there aren't any, they'll have to create it sooner or later... Anyway, if I find it, I'll for sure write about it. :)

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  15. Love the small kid... so original!!! : " infinity and beyooooond !!!! " can you believe he said that?

    Thanks for commenting on my blog! Greetings from Qatar!


  16. How I wish I could get myself an iPad too :( anyway, you and your sister are both so pretty
    Followed you, sweetheart. I hope we can keep in touch <3

    .Le Reveur.

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  18. Just came across your blog and boy am I glad I did...I'm in beyond love.

    First off, just the fact that you love 2 Broke Girls - well that was enough reason to fall in love.

    Happy new follower here!

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  19. Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog!
    You have quite a cool blog too, like it! X

  20. I got an iPad last month too, and I love it !


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