Dear Followers

As most of you already know, GFC will be cancelled for those whose blogs don't end with Because of that, some of you won't be able to follow me via GFC anymore, so I suggest you to follow me via bloglovin' or hellocotton from now on. 


  1. To be safe I'm following on both :)

  2. Can someone explain me this in more detail? I don't really know what's the story.

    1. Basically, Google decided to remove GFC from all non-blogger sites. I, for example, can still follow your blog and you can still follow mine, because we both have in our blog addresses.
      But from now on, you won't be able to follow those blogs that have just .com in their address. And they won't be able to follow yours.

    2. clear explaining sist .. thanks :)

  3. hey hun just letting you know:

    ** i've nominated you for the 'versatile blogger award' :) ** congrats & click here to check out the post!

  4. so we still can be follow each other right ? our url is ends with

    I invite you to my blog

    many post that has already posted is in indonesian. hope you like it :D


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