Random Favorites: January 2012

Yup, I'm kind of late on publishing this post. Again. Woopsie! Anyway, here are three random things I've been liking in January.


I'm so glad American Idol is back. After all the X-Factors I had been watching ended, I really started to miss having a singing talent show in my life. Yes, I'm that lame. :D


You're probably all familiar with this site, but if you are not, it's is basically a site full of images where you go when you're bored. Laughing guaranteed. 

This is actually a Polish movie, which I would probably never go watch in ''normal'' circumstances, but since the director comes from my country, I decided to give it a go. And the fact that he's sharing his last name with my great grandparents is also pretty cool. Slovenia is a very small country, so I'm sure we're related. At least a tiny bit. You know, like Paris Hilton and Henry II. are, haha. 

Ok, back to the movie. I really did not expect it to be that good! If you like 'Love Actually', you're going to love this one! I actually think that 'Listy do M.' is much better than 'Love Actually'.

The English title is 'Letters To Santa'. 

I also managed to find a trailer with English subtitles, so you can check out the glimpse of it by yourself. The quality of the video is unfortunately not the best, but I swear that the original movie is shot amazingly!


  1. Thanks for suggesting this site, I just entered and it looks good.
    The movie's poster is so like "Love Actually".
    I will see it and I'll write you my comments!
    Miss Starshiny

    1. Great! I can't wait for your response! :)

  2. i love American Idol! the audition is always hilarious, and sometimes touchy too. and 9gag is my daily read, hahaha seriously that site is too funny.


  3. Oh, 9gag... such an addiction :D Love American Idol!<3

  4. I love american idol so much! been watching since the first season :) and I just went over to 9gag, so funny haha (can't believe I've never heard of that site before!)


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