Get the Look (for Less): Spencer from Pretty Little Liars

Pretty Little Liars season finale is coming up in a few days, so it seems like a perfect time to show you another 'Get the Look (for Less)' featuring one of the show's characters. You can see the previous posts on Hannah's style here and Aria's here.

Let's go back to Spencer now. I think her preppy-meets-vintage style is the easiest one to imitate. She wears a lot of neutral and earthtone colors, and her staple pieces are:
o blouses
o dark fitted jeans
o vintage dresses
o blazers
o cardigans
o oxfords
o riding boots
o brown handbags
o pearl earrings
o watches
o locket necklaces

Here are the two outfits I came up with...
Get the Look (for Less): Spencer from Pretty Little LiarsJeans: H&M $32 (avaliable here)
Blouse: Jane Norman $24 (avaliable here)
Blazer: H&M $55 (avaliable here)
Shoes: JC Penney $20 (avaliable here)
Handbag: Mango $47 (avaliable here)
Watch: Debenhams $15 (avaliable here)
Earrings: JC Crew $50 (avaliable here)

Get the Look (for Less): Spencer from Pretty Little Liars
Dress: Axparis €24 (avaliable here)
Cardigan: Dorothy Perkins $21 (avaliable here)
Bag: JC Penney $30 (avaliable here)
Shoes: Nine West $90 (avaliable here)
Necklace: Modcloth $25 (avaliable here)


  1. Amazing post!!!
    I love all of Spencer's outfit!!

  2. I love these looks! especially the second one.'

  3. Loved this post! I think all 4 girls have lovely and very different styles and Spencer and Aria are my favs. Spencer dresses how I would for work! xx

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  4. You did a great job! Love her style... so preppy chic!

  5. very east coast prep. love her blazers

  6. I liked the skinny jeans and the lace dress.
    Miss Starshiny


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