Nail of the Day: Cotton Candy At Eiffel Tower

I've already shown you this nail polish in the last week's 'Mini Haul' post, but I haven't shown you how it looks on nails yet. As you can see, the color looks exactly the same as in the bottle - very pretty creamy, opaque nude. Application, on the other hand, is downright horrible. You need four coats to get it look like this, and because of so many coats, the polish just doesn't dry. I painted my nails two hours before I went to bed, and when I woke up, my nails were completely smudged. This is such a shame because I really love the color! Does anyone know any great nude nail polishes similar to this one?


  1. Oh I hate polishes like that! I always leave myself hours before bed but I find whatever polish I use it ends up with some amount of smudging, boo! xx
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  2. It looks nice!
    Painting before going to bed is a waste of time.
    As nude I have this

    1. I always paint my nails at night because I don't have time during the day. :D

  3. <3 love this color! NEED TO GET ONE!!! :DDDDD


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