Weekly Snapshots #5

I know that I've promised to publish my very first blog sale on Sunday, but I've been so busy that I've run out of time. I promise to put it up by Wednesday. In the mean time, you can check out my weekly snapshots. :)

 1. & 2. & 3. Some of you wanted to see more of my outfits of the day, so here is one of them. I wore this to school. And yes, I wear glasses and no make-up. Don't judge! :D

4. Warm and sunny days, I've missed you! I'm glad you decided to show up last week. 
5. Carrot soup with ''zlate kroglice'' (I have no idea how these things are called in English). P.S. Do you like my cute cow bowl? :D
6. Why haven't I discovered these mini biscuits with apricot cream filling before?! They're an amazing replacement for Sacher cake. 
7. My mom's friend brought us huge bags of dried fruit. The apples are so good!


  1. nice photos :) i love your blazer!:)

  2. CUTE!


  3. I like your school look!
    You look cute!

  4. I wish I could pull of wearing no make-up. Love your outfit :) xxx


  5. Love these type of posts.
    You look lovely in glasses and no make-up. xx

  6. Love, love, love your outfit! You look amazing without makeup and the glasses are cute :-) Makes me want to wear my glasses for a Sunday Portrait xo

  7. love love your chucks! And DW I hardly wear makeup if I'm going to class/work lol

  8. I love your green jeans with your pink shoes! So cute! xoxo Marissa


  9. You look great! Love the colours


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