Weekly Snapshots #6

1. No, I didn't get a new dog. This is Benji. With a lot less hair, obviously.  Doesn't he look like a cute little lamb? :D

2. Decided to go jogging with my sis. BIG FAIL! We stopped quickly after getting some weird looks from passers-by. People from my town are aparently not used to seeing a big girl working out... 

3. Lunch/dinner at a Chinese restaurant. There was a whole lot of yummy vegetables hiding under the chicken! Is anyone else here a big fan of Chinese food?

4. The tulip I got for the International Women's Day. 

5. Bye, bye my old passport. I am now waiting for a new one. Let's just say that my photo and my signature in it will look nothing close to acceptable - the photo looks like a mugshot and the signiture like I would have written it with my foot, not my hand. 

6. Another disgusting looking but actually really yummy meal. Tomato + cauliflower with cheese.

7. On my way to casual Sunday lunch with my relatives.

8. My cousin with his ''new hair-style''. Love this photo!


  1. Aw, you look really pretty.xx

  2. Nice pics :)

    I invite you to

  3. awww your dog looks soo cute


  4. Such a lovely pictures!


  5. A gorgeous little post miss Sandra! Your such a pretty young thing! Love Barbie xxx

  6. These are so much fun !

    Love your dog and your cousin's cool hair :)

    Thanks for sharing :)

  7. Awesome pics!! Loooooove your cousin hair-style :D

    Your dog is so cute :)

    I really like your style and your blog!

    Maybe you want to follow each other? I'll follow you back for sure :)

    Have a sparkling day!


    "Dicas de saúde, beleza, e exercício físico em casa"

  8. Trendy hair style from your cousin.
    I prefer walking than jogging.
    You have a so pretty face!!!
    Miss Starshiny


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