Weekly Snapshots #7

1. My mom's version of rice pudding. So delicious!

2. Mixed salad with chickpeas.

3. Sour cream salad dressing.

4. Blueberry yoghurt with fresh blueberries.

5. Car keys. A few days ago, it was the first time for me to drive a car without my dad by my side. I know this is weird because I've had my driving license for more than a year, but I'm actually terrified of driving - there are a lot of crazy people on our roads - so I really like to avoid this activity as often as possible. From time to time, my parents force me to go for a ride, but I've only done it if my dad has gone with me. You know, just in case. This Saturday, however, was a very special day, haha. My sister and I were too lazy to go to my aunt's birthday party on foot, so I decided to drive. And guess what?! I'm still alive! Obviously.  

6. New Girl. My newest obsession. 


  1. New Girl - best thing to happen to television possibly ever. I will never pronounce 'chutney' in the same way again.


  2. This looks so lovely! I also love zooey dechanel, I feel the love!!


  3. I love New Girl! Jess is hilarious!

  4. No you're not alone. I am the same. I got my drivers licence at the end of December and havent started to drive by myself until this week. It is scary but we just need confidence and to learn not to let the crazy people get to us :) Good Luck. Jasmine

  5. Congrats on your Dad free drive! :-) I used to be scared to drive without my Mum but after that first parent free drive, I became addicted to the freedom haha! P.S This post made me hungry, I want chickpeas now lol xo

  6. Cute little mood board my darling friend Sandra! I haven't tuned into the New Girl yet, but its increasing popularity has definitely made me think I should! Love Barbie xxx

  7. seems like you had a lovely week. I love yoghurt with blueberries haha, I eat it most mornings :) And that polishh colour is so pretty xx

  8. Love New Girl! And I couln't agree more on the driving thing!

  9. It doesnt sound strange about the driving thing, as i am too terrified since having a bump a month after passing last September!. Slowly getting there :)

  10. Driving is a nice experience!
    Just take care of yourdelf and pay attention on the road.
    Miss Starshiny

    1. I'm not really worried about my driving. I'm afraid of how crazy some other people drive! There are so many accidents on our roads every day...


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