Get the Look (for Less): Jess from New Girl

If you have read one of my previous 'Weekly Snapshots' posts, you already know how much I love the TV show called New Girl. The main character Jess, played by Zooey Deschanel, is absolutely hilarious. She is a very awkward and nerdy kind of girl, which definitely reflects in her style. I would describe her style as geek meets chic. She wears a lot of bright colors and patterns, and her staple pieces are:
o short skirts or dresses
o ballet flats
o small cross body bags
o cardigans &
o hipster glasses

Get the Look (for Less): Jess from New Girl
Dress: Chiara Fashion $21 (avliable here)
Cardigan: H&M $24 (avaliable here)
Shoes: Macys $50 (avaliable here)
Bag: Warehouse 23€ (avaliable here)
Glasses: $8 (avaliable here)

Get the Look (for Less): Jess from New Girl
Cardigan: H&M $16 (avaliable here)
Skirt: Mango $37 (avaliable here)
Top: Bank $32 (avaliable here)
Shoes: Dorothy Perkins $20 (avaliable here)
Bag: Oasis 28€ (avaliable here)


  1. I really like Zooey D's style, great post x

  2. I like it this girl! I never knew this TV show, so i will try to see this weekend!:)
    Hope you have a nice day!

  3. I love Zooey D and her style. Great suggestions.

  4. These are great suggestions, the first look is my favourite. I love New Girl, it's hilarious and just fun to watch :) xxx

  5. I loove her attitude and free casual style!
    Great post!

  6. those outfits are great- looks like you pulled them straight from her closet :)

    - i nominated you for a blogger appreciation award! -

    Jordan xx
    - Boho Vanity Giveaway -

  7. love love the H&M cardi!! xx

  8. Such a girly, somewhat vintage, quirky and colourful style :) I really love that outfit especially with the blouse and polka dot skirt.

  9. I love New Girl!! It's one of my favorite shows! The outfit you put together are awesome!

    Jayme @ Her Late Night Cravings

  10. Love the shoes!



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