My Airport Style

By now, you probably all know that I'm leaving for Dubai in three days, so I decided to do some travel related posts. I was thinking about showing you what's in my travel make-up bag and what's in my carry on luggage. Would you be interested in seeing that? 

Today I decided to show you what I usually wear on an airplane for long(er) flights. When you have to sit there for several hours, it can easily get uncomfortable, so my outfits are all about comfort. Believe me, you don't want to be wearing tight jeans on a 12-hour flight. Having said that, you also don't want to look like a mess when walking around the airport, so I would suggest you to stay away from loungewear, tracksuits, pajamas etc. You wouldn't believe me what some people are wearing...  

Anyway, let's just go to my outfit. I usually wear leggings or very strechy jeans that feel like leggings; a simple top, which has to cover my bum in case I'm wearing leggings; a cardigan, because it can get quite chilly on a plane; a scarf to avoid sore throat; some comfortable shoes; and a huge bag to carry all my travel essentials with me. So, what do you think about this outfit? What do you usually wear on an airplane?
airport style


  1. I love this look, and really comfy to wear. The bag is gorgeous! :)


  2. That's a great outfit! Long flights are the worst, they're so uncomfortable :( anyways, have fun in Dubai!! :D

  3. I'd definitely wear something similar, I'm all about comfort but hopefully not looking too sloppy :p Love leggings and oversized cardigans especially :) Have a fantastic trip!

  4. Jaz pa sploh ne izbiram oblačil, ko potujem. Oblečem kar mi pade pod roke, hehe! Je pa res, da če je vožnja zeloooo dolga, sem najraje v trenirki :)

  5. Love the bag and cardigan :) x

  6. Great post. Love all of the clothes and really love the saying that you included. I have to write that one down.


  7. The bag and the leggings are amazing! Infact, please give me the whole outfit!
    Alsoo , when you're back from sunny dubai (so jealous) please enter my giveaway :) including molton brown, rimmel, orly and many more:) xxx

  8. Have a wonderful time in Dubai - my friend is living out there at the moment and says its amazing! I love this outfit for a flight - I'm so scared of flying, so on the rare occasion that I actually get on a plane, I just need to be as comfy as possible and this has given me some great ideas! Have a safe journey xxx

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  10. I'm so excited for you that you're going traveling :) and yes, this is pretty much what I wear on a flight too. Tights, cardigan and a scarf is the perfect outfit.

    Of course I want to see what's in your travel make-up bag and luggage! :)

  11. I love your writing style, it's almost poetic! I enjoy reading it very much, probably because you describe thoughts which I share with you :)

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