I'm Back!

Hello ladies! Guess what? I'm back! My UAE vacation has sadly come to an end, so here I am again. I'll be telling you almost everything about my trip - as I have promised - but I think it is best if I do it step by step. I don't want to write one super long post because I know that people don't have time or patience to read such posts, so I'll do several short ones. Maybe one for each day? 

Anyway, I went through all the photos I took during the trip today, and most of them didn't turn out alright. I don't know why, though. They look blurry and over-exposed even though my settings were completely fine and my hands were not shaking. Is it possible for them to turn out like that because of strong sun and mists? I hope I will be able to fix some of them...

P.S. I'll also be doing a haul for those of you who want to see what I've bought in Dubai. I didn't get everything I wanted to because many of the things were sold out, but more on that later. I'll be back in a day or two with a full report on day 1. In the meantime, enjoy your weekend! :)


  1. hope u had a great time.
    want to see what u bought in dubai! (:


  2. Wellcome back!
    I would like to see your shopping!

  3. I can't wait to see everything! :) and yes, I also think it's better if you do several posts instead of a big one :)

  4. can't wait to see how your vacation went! :)


  5. Welcome back, can't wait to see everything!


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