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I've got a few blog awards not very recently, and they all have pretty much the same rules (tell 7 random things about myself and tag people), so I decided to squeeze them all in one post. :)

Serena gave me the 'One Lovely Blog Award', Jordan and So Lonely in Gorgeous gave me the 'Versatile Blogger Award', and Anna awarded me with 'Blog Award Backlog'. Thank you so much girls!  

Here are 7 random fact about myself:
 I don't like the taste of melon.
 I'm currently obsessed with mint color.
 I would love to live somewhere close to the beach. Preferably in California. :)
 I've read ZERO Harry Potter books. Please don't tell me I'm the only one out there...
 I don't like animated movies, but I'm totally in love with The Lion King. 
 I hate my teeth and I want to get them fixed with Invisalign. One day. When I'm rich. 
 I don't eat cherries because I always manage to get the ones with worms. Yuck.

Because a lot of bloggers already have the 'one lovely blog award' and the 'versatile blog award', I decided to give the award called 'Blog Award Backlog' to these lovely ladies:


  1. Congrats on the awards Sandra!

  2. Uh HUH. I know exactly how you feel about your teeth, and I'm ALSO obsessed with the colour 'mint'!

    Lovely to learn more about you :)

  3. Thanks a lot dear!!!
    Am with you on the mint colour obssesion too,its so good to get to know more about you!

  4. thank you so much for the award!! :) and by the way, I haven't read any of the Harry Potter books either, so you're not the only one haha

  5. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa. Hvala <3 :D nisem še nikoli nobene "nagrade" prejela za blog :))
    Nisem prebrala nobenga Potrja, že celo življenje si želim živet na morju (no, zdj študiram na Obali, ma ni to to!), želim živet v Kaliforniji, js bi si tut dala zobe popravt. :)
    xo Deja

  6. your facts are so cute! i'm obsessed with mint as well :)

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  7. Aww, congrats on getting all the awards! Ooh, I love mint too, and living near a beach would be amazing xx


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