I just wanted to inform you that my blog finally got its own facebook page! I'll be posting all my new blog posts up there (and probably some other random things), so that people who don't have blogger, blog lovin' or hellocotton will be now be able to keep up with my new posts as well. I would of course be extremely happy if the rest of you also supported me by liking the page. :)

You can go see my facebook page by clicking the 'f' button under my 'about me' section or by clicking the 'like' button in the FB box located above my 'popular posts' section in the sidebar of my blog. 

P.S. If you have your own FB page, please share it with me so I can go press some likes too! 


  1. Super, jaz se pa se kar ne morem odlocit za to potezo :)

  2. great!!!
    am your fan!

  3. Awesome! I have a facebook page for Simply Evani too! I'll go like it right now :)



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