How to Wear Harem Pants?

Harem pants can be tricky to wear. My sister says they look horrendous and should be allowed to be worn only at home, but I don't share her opinion. I think they can look quite chic if styled correctly. Here is how I styled it for two different ''occasions'' - work and vacation. 

               Harem pants // Blazer // Envelope clutch // Tank top // Necklace // Shoes // Lipgloss

        Harem pants // Tank top  // Hat // Nail polish // Shoes // Handbag // Bracelets

What do you think about harem pants? Do you wear them and like them or do you have the same opinion as my sister? :)

P.S. I'm going away for a week to a Slovenian town called Kranjska Gora. It is located in the Alps and I will probably be doing lots of hiking, cycling and roller skating. The reason I'm telling you this is because I won't have wi-fi, so I'm not going to be able to read your blogs and respond to comments. Having said that, I do have some scheduled post for you and will be accessing Internet via my phone, so I'll definitely be able to approve comments and frequently update my twitter & Instagram. Be sure to follow me there if you wanna know what I'm up to! :)


  1. I love harem pants, but just can't pull them off!

  2. As you said they're tricky so i don't wear them. They don't look good on everybody.
    The same harem pants for 2 different occasions. Great. You made a really good sets.
    Have fun in Kranjska Gora :)

  3. I love the vacation look! The stack of bracelets is so pretty, great colors.

    x Jordan
    - Boho Vanity -

  4. Ful lustni kombinaciji, blazer mi je se posebi vsec! :))


  5. Love your outfits! Harem trousers never worked for me but I can still appreciate them :)

  6. the first outfit is really cool. the flower blazer is wonderful

  7. I have this one pair of harem pants that I've worn religiously for a while now (except not when it's winter). I usually just style it casually, but I think harem pants can definitely be dressed up as well :) The main reason I love them is that they're just soooo comfy :p Have fun on your trip!

  8. Ooh girl, I cannnnnnot pull off harem pants! But they look so cute!


  9. I love the harem pants! Something I would totally wear!:) Really cute, I want a pair! Hehe :)
    My favorite of the outfits is the second one, the vacation one, because it's the sort of outfit I wear now in the summertime!


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