Weekly Snapshots

Fish, chips & pasta with tuna. ♥ Goldfish at the pet store. ♥ My sister just chillin' in the bathtub. ♥ Outfit of the day.

I'm not the biggest fan of McDonald's, but this tasted like heaven! ♥ Hello there! :) ♥ My love - Marc by Marc Jacobs bag. ♥ Cute little things. ♥ The song I've been obsessed with. ♥ Lunch. 

My new helmet. ♥ How country cool is this?! ♥ Potato & snap beans. One of my favorite summer meals. ♥ My sister trying to look cool while waiting for the bus. ♥ A goose in the middle of my neighbourhood. I have no idea where it came from, because I'm not living in the countryside. ♥ A photo I took from the car while driving up north. ♥ 450 GFC followers! :O Thank you, thank you, thank you! I've never thought so many people would enjoy reading my blog. ♥ Burger King. The only fast food ''restaurant'' that I like. Oh, and I know I've eaten way too much fried food this week. The lack of time and poor meal options pretty much forced me into it. Hopefully, my next week's food snapshots will look much different. :)


  1. Beautiful post! Hope you're spending a great Sunday!


  2. I really like your pink & red top! It so bright and great for summer!


  3. Great post , I also love Burger King!
    Your sister is cute and love your pink/red shirt.

  4. Tale call me maybe je res catchy! :))

  5. I love your Marc bag!! I want one so badly.
    Girl Meets Beauty

  6. CALL ME MAYBE! :)


  7. It's funny you say that about fried food! I have been really sick with a chest infection and normally when sick cant stomach anything but soup - but have been craving McDonalds!! My bf had to drive down to get me a cheeseburger meal just today haha. Its not very healthy I know but oh well. Love all these pictures though, it's a great little snapshot in to your life :)

    Anna xo

  8. I cannot get over Call Me Maybe! It's so addicting! :) Congrats on the GFC followers! :)



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