Save or Splurge: Claw Cuff

One of the obsessions that I developed this summer is an obsession with statement jewelry. The statement jewelry can be unfortunatelly quite expensive, and since I'm desperately trying to save some money for my London trip, I've turned into a part-time bargain hunter. :)

One of the pieces that caught my attention is Pamela Love's Gold Talon Cuff, which costs no less than $920. Gasp! However, you can get a similar one here on good old ebay for only $16! Hurray! Whilst searching for a dupe, I've also come across another variation of the claw cuff bracelet, which you can see on the right side of the photo. You can get it here on for $10 or here on ebay for $3. Anyone else fond of these claw bracelets?


  1. I like it but I don't have one yet.
    I keep seeing it everywhere i look, on a blog, magazine, celebrity.
    I will rather buy the cheap one if a do at a time soon.

  2. I have the claw cuff on the left, it's such a bargain off ebay and looks so nice on.


  3. Just came accross your blog. YOU ARE GORGEOUS!
    The cuff bracelet looks like a really beautiful piece to wear with a little black dress. I'll def be checking out the links!

    xoxo Thania

  4. I feel like sometimes, there's a clear difference in the pricey and cheap things, so if you really like something and know you'll get a good wear out of it and it's something that'll represent you in a way, might as well add a bit extra and get the real thing (that's how I go about classic shoes, jeans and bags), but sometimes, I can't tell the difference at all and it honestly looks the same to me and I can't see the point of getting something so expensive, knowing, there's the same thing out there for much, much less, specially when it comes to short lived fashion, such as summer trends and if I still want to have something like that in my wardrobe, but I know, I'll only like and use it for so long, I love to go out on a bargain hunt! And you've done a great job! ;) I actually like the cheap one!

    1. I totally agree with you. Designer bags are usually the only items I splurge on. The quality is so much better and when I find 'the one', I can't get it out of my head until I buy it, haha. :D

  5. Pamela Love makes some beautiful designs, but they're definitely pricey! At least you can find some good alternatives that are much cheaper online :)

  6. Jaz jo imam iz Asos-a. Full so mi hudi ti kremplji :)

  7. I actually like the save better! :)


  8. Lovely blog.

  9. love both, especially combined with armcandy *_*

    xoxo FlirtingwithFashion

  10. burgainhunter! well I think you did great!

  11. I love that claw!Id go for the save though haha love a bargain x


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