Weekly Snapshots

Shrimps for dinner.  Benji's best friend Lucy. ♥ Turkey in mushroom sauce with gnocchi. ♥ Rainbow behind our house. ♥ The Sims version of me according to my sister. Anyone plays that game? I used to be obsessed with it when I was little. ♥ The amazing closing ceremony.  Preparing fish for my dog. He's too spoiled to eat regular dog food.  Lunch. ♥ Activity time! ♥ Salad with mozzarella and prosciutto. ♥ My summer shower gel. It smells so good! ♥ Watermelon. ♥ My father's homemade octopus salad. 

P.S. I would just like to say thank you to Rebeka and Emma & Ina for featuring my blog on their sites. It means the world to me. And hello to all my new followers! There is more than 500 of you now, which is very surreal. Don't forget to enter my summer giveaway! :)


  1. You've just made me really want to dig out Sims! You eat really well :P

    Grace xx

  2. Yes, I do. And it shows, haha!

  3. ohhhh, that octopus looks lush... I love fish... yummy!! x

  4. Great snapshots!
    I want shrimps! lol


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