Current Wishlist

1) Nails Inc.'s Sweets Way Sprinkles Special Effects Nail Polish (avaliable here): I saw the swatch of this nail polish on Ana's blog and I instantly fell in love with it. It's one of the prettiest shades I've ever seen and it would go really well with one of my favorite nail polishes - A Lovely Secret by Essence.

2)  Ivory Beatrix Crystal Toe Cap Ballerina Flats by Sam Edelman (avaliable here): I've been wanting the Sam Edelman Roza Pumps for over a year now, but the Beatrix Ballerina Flats are just as gorgeous. If anyone knows where I can get the Sam Edelman shoes in London please let me know. I'll be going there at the end of the year and I have to go check them out. 

3) Technic's High Lights (avaliable here): I'm sure most of you know or even own Benefit's High Beam, one of the most popular highlighters. I've been seeing it all over the blogosphere, and I have to say, it seems to be worth the hype. While I would be really happy to own one, there is no way I'm paying 24 euros for a 13 ml bottle, so I was really happy when Sharna did a comparison between the two products. Apparently, the Techinc one is a total dupe! P.S. I already ordered it, so you can expect a full review in the next two weeks. :)

4) Parka with Leather Sleeves (avaliable here): I wanted to buy this Pull&Bear parka on my recent shopping spree, but it was sadly already sold out. Having said that, they sell all of the sizes here on ebay, so I might take the plunge and order one. We'll see...

5) Butter London's Lovely Jubbly Nail Polish (avaliable here): As soon as the colder months arrive, I'm all about glitter nail polishes, and this is one of the prettiest I've ever seen.

6) Denim Shirt (avaliable here): This is another clothing item I've been looking for but couldn't find. Don't get me wrong, there are plenty denim shirts in the shops right now, but I only liked a few of them, and the ones that I did like were not avaliable in my size, so I might order this one or this one or this one from asos. I really like this one as well, but it's a tad too expensive. :D

7) Beginners Get Sorted Cookbook (avaliable here): I know, a very random thing to be on my wishlist, haha. I don't usually buy cookbooks, but I know that this one must be great. It written by the guys that have a youtube channel called Sorted, where they publish cooking videos. I've been their loyal subscriber since they first started. Their videos are funny yet professional and their recipes never disappoint me - the dishes they prepare look delicious and 'expensive', but they are student budget and beginner friendly. 


  1. Parka je super, ti usnjeni rokavi jo naredijo še lepšo! Balerinke so tudi na moji WL, najlepše so, res! Lak ti pa tudi priporočam, ker je čudovit <3

  2. Looks good! As for denim shirts, I love this one:,da_DK,pd.html?dwvar_14012717_colorPattern=14012717_DENIM_351191&forceScope=

    Tried it on, looks good too, but it's also too expensive for me.

  3. Balerinke so naravnost enkratne. Girly + edgy! <3

    Sorted pa že čekiram na YT.
    Očitno je danes dan za čudovita nova odkritja. :)

  4. The denim shirt is a lovely piece, I can see that getting a lot of wear :) Looking forward to your High Lights post!

  5. Lovely blog!
    I'm now following you, and it would be really kind of you if you wanted to follow me back! :) x

  6. Love your wishing list, speacilly 2, 4 and 6...


  7. I'm loving the leather sleeve parka, it's so popular now. I have the River Island version and I love it. This one is also really nice xo

  8. Great picks! cant decided which item i like best!

    Sita xx

  9. Been lusting for the denim top lately!!

  10. I love those flats :) Cute ballerina flats with spikes? How can you go wrong! And i have to check out the get sorted cookbook!

    Have a lovely weekend Sandra!!

  11. ahhhh i also want the nail polishes and the fabulous flats! Great picks! love your blog, girl! Following!


  12. Those ballet flats are beautiful! I've done a little post about your summer giveaway: xx

  13. Love love love these picks
    I want that parka so bad!
    And also just managed to FINALLY get my hands on a denim shirt, they really are the most versatile things ever I don't regret it at all

  14. high beam is fab go buy it !!!! I have my eye on that parka as well


  15. I love the parka with leather sleeves jackets. I'm really liking the military trend that's happening right now. I've seen one at Topshop and River Island that I really like
    Daniella x

  16. I love your wish list! Especially both nail polishes! They are such gorgeous shades! :))


  17. also dying for a jacket with leather sleeves

  18. gorge shoes <3 love!



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