Weekly Snapshots

Lunch - chicken with veggies and mashed potatoes. ♥ NOTD using one of essence's stamping plates. ♥ Napping. ♥ Off to do some grocery shopping. ♥ A view from my room on a sunny day. ♥ My dog Benji wanting to try my chocolate mousse. ♥ Chicken, cherry tomatoes and zucchini with sour cream for dinner. ♥ Pasta with tomato sauce. ♥ Weekend manicure. ♥ Trying out purple lipstick with no makeup on the rest of my face. My mother must have thought I'm crazy when she came home and saw me. ♥ Making the vegetable sauce I've been obsessing over lately. ♥ Sacher cake at my favorite cafe. ♥ The result of yesterday's shopping spree. I'll be doing a haul soon, but I probably won't include any photos of the clothes. Besides having no idea how to photograph them properly, I got a lot of basics, so the post would probably be really boring. Should I do a few outfit posts instead? 


  1. Love your nails and your dog is soo cute! xo


  2. Love your weekly snapshots ;) And you look gorgeous with no makeup on!, while the lipstick gives it such a cute and girly touch. Food looks great and I would love to see some outfit posts or the haul itself - basics is what I really need at the moment, so inspiration is greatly welcomed :)


  3. I love that silver/metallic nail polish with the accent nail :)

  4. Outfit posts would be interesting!
    I'm not good at making designs with stamps, yours are nice!
    Stella from A Shiny Place

  5. Awwwh your dog is just too cute :) love the nails in the second picture, very pretty! xx

  6. omg benjie looks like he has a hugeee grin on his face haha what a cutie! :D great post lovely :) xxx

  7. Thanks for sending me your link. I love the 2th nailart! I was already following with bloglovin' :)
    I hope you'll visit my blog too and let me know what you think!
    Have a nice evening :)

  8. Love your dog!!!
    Have a nice week!

    Mr J Kane


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