Christmas Gift Guide: Beauty Junkie

Here it is, my first Christmas gift guide! I'm planning to do a few more, so I hope you'll like them. Oh, and just so you know, clicking on the mint green text will take you to the site where you can buy a specific product. This is always the case here on my blog, but as one girl was asking me to include links in one of my previous wishlist posts, I though I would explain it. On to the gift guide now! :)

1) Clinique Chubby Sticks: I'm a big fan of these chubby sticks, and the shade 'Whoopin' Watermelon' is even one of my all-time favorite lip products. You can see the swatches of those that I own and read my complete review here. They are pretty pricey, though, so if you are looking for a cheaper version, I've heard that Revlon Just Bitten Kissable Lip Balms are great as well. 

2) Benefit's 'Upgrade to Gorgeous!' Set: Benefit is an amazing make-up brand that does some of the most hyped up products in the beauty comunity, and this set basically contains all of those. How exciting?!

3) Yves Saint Laurent Rouge Volupte Lipstick: This is one of the products that every girl with a make-up obsession wants. But it's ridiculously expensive, so most of us don't just go into the store and buy one (or more). This is why I think this lipstick can be a perfect treat for special occasions like Christmas. I think I'll be getting one myself in London. I've swatched 'Red Muse' when I was in Austria and the only thing I can say is 'WOW'!

4) Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck Perfume: Perfumes can be really great gifts if you know which scent exactly a girl you're buying a present for wants, but if you don't, I'd rather stay away from them. I'm very picky when it comes to scents and tend to stick to my favorites, but I've recently found another one that could in the future join my pefume family - Taylor Swift's Wonderstruck. It smells so lovely!

5) Real Techniques Core Collection Brush Kit: This is another one of my most wanted beauty things. I'm currently using Sigma brushes, but after four years, my foudation brush is slowly dying, so I'll need to get a replacement sooner rather than later. Everyone seems to be currently obsessed with the Real Techniques brushes, and I really wouldn't mind jumping on the bandwagon. :)

6) Korres Lip Butter Collection: I haven't tried these yet, but I've heard they're great. They are very hydrating and therefore perfect for winter!

7) Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette: I'm a big fan of the original Naked palette and will probably be re-purchasing it until the end of my life, but since most beauty obsessed girls already own one, I decided to suggest you the second edition, which is just as fabulous but more cool-toned. 

8) Tangle Teezer Hair Brush: This is the product I think every girl should own, so throw away your regular brushes and go get the Tangle Teezer for you and all of your friends! It is great for detangling hair without ruining them, and makes the whole process totally pain-free. I'm never buying another type of brush again.

9) Clarisonic Skin Cleansing System: This product apparently completely transforms your skin. I'm still not sure if it would be worth investing in, but many people love it, so it must be great, right? The only thing I'm concirned with is the breakout explosion most people experience in the first few weeks of its use...

10) Yves Saint Laurent Touche Eclat: Another amazing YSL product that everyone seems to adore. It is used as a concealer/highlighter, and should make your skin look radiant and less tired. If you'll be buying it for someone, be sure to get the right color, though. I think this would only work if you can take a person with you to the shop to get matched before Christmas... :D

11) Philosophy's Purity Made Simple Cleanser: You can't go wrong with the award-winning one-step facial cleanser suitable for all skin types, can you?

12) EOS Lip Balms: These are the cutest lip balms ever and make great stocking fillers. I got some for my sister last year and she loves them!

13) China Glaze 'Brr... It's Chilly' Collection: Nail polishes are always great for gifts, and these are especially perfect for Christmas!

14) Tweezerman Tweezers: I have some great tweezers from Elite right now, but as far as I know they are not sold here anymore, so when they'll be ready for trash, I'm getting the tweezerman ones. Supposedly, they're the best. 

15) Soap and Glory's Hand Food: This is my favorite hand cream. It smells amazing, it absorbes easily and protects your hands from dry skin. The L'Occitane hand cremes are good as well, though!

16) MUA's Undressed Palette: I've already been mentioning my beloved Naked palette today, but if you don't want to spend 40€ on it, this one is a great dupe for the original one!

Phew, that was one long post! I really hope it was somewhat helpful. Will you be asking for any of these items or maybe buying them for somebody else?


  1. I would love each and every one of these this Christmas!

  2. I would love to get any of these presents :)))

  3. Amazing gift ideas! I want most of these products on it!
    Clarisonic is totally worth it. I hardly had a break out explosion, it just depends on your skin type. I say it's definitely worth the money! :) xxx

  4. I want everything on your lists!! Esp the Benefit set, that looks amazing & the Korres lip collection.

  5. Korres Lip Butters are the best :D I have 4 now, oops!

  6. I really want a YSL lipstick! I love how much you've included, fab Christmas lists! xo

  7. so much great stuff! I have both the Clinique sticks and the Revlon ones, they're just as good as each other x

  8. I was actually thinking about getting a YSL lipstick for Christmas :)

  9. Great picks- I love everything you've featured :) Really want the benefit 'upgrade to gorgeous' and the Real techniques core collection
    Daniella x

  10. great picks! i am super eyeing the naked2 palette for christmas cos alot of my friends have got either that or that 1st naked palette but i still cant bear to splurge on it myself. >.<

  11. Ooh, this is such a lovely little gift guide; might just have to leave it open on my laptop lying around the house somewhere to drop a hint or two ha! I'm dying to get my hands on the Real Techniques brushes, too - I love my Sigma ones but they're really getting a bit old now, too xx

  12. Super ideje, ničesar se ne bi branla :)

  13. I would LOVE Wonderstruck, it just looks so beautiful and I've smelled it before and loved it!

  14. I want absolutely everything on this list! The benefit kit looks gorgeous and the Taylor swift perfume smells lovely as well:).

  15. Some fab ideas there, the Korres looks fab, thank you x

  16. I use my Clarisonic every night and it is absolutely amazing, and worth investing in. I break out easily with my sensitive skin and the 2 week breakout period didn't really affect me!

  17. Wow!!! Great ideas! Now, I do not have to worry of what to give to my friends and love ones who loves cosmetic products. By looking at these, I know I can pick a lot. Thanks for sharing.

  18. Great guide! I have now added some of these items into my list! Would have been better if you included the prices though :)


    1. I was thinking about including the prices, but they're different in every country or even store, so it wouldn't be that helpful. You can see them by clicking on the links, though. :)

  19. I've ordered some of the Korres lip butters some days ago and I'm hoping they arrive here soon cause ill do a giveaway on my blog with them very soon!
    I would love to have annnnnnnny of the items you mentioned specially Clarisonic and Wonderstruck parfum :)

    Love everything, great picks xx

  20. I'll just link to your list for my xmas gifts, he he!

    Korres' products are absolutely amazing, they never fail me!!
    Marina @

  21. You certainly know what a beauty junkie want's as i want them ALL haha xx


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