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Since the festive December seems to be coming with the speed of light, I think that it is time for my Christmas inspired posts to start making appearances. In the next few days you definitely can expect to see some 'gift guide' posts, but today I want to focus on something different.

I don't know about you, but Christmas Day is probably my favorite day of the year. Not so much because of the gifts (although they definitely help lift my spirits up), but because the whole world seems to be at peace. When you turn on the TV you can see Christmas movies instead of depressing news,everyone appears to be happy and all my worries tend to evaporate into thin air.

But not all people are lucky enough to have everything they need, and I think that Christmas is the perfect time to help them either by donating stuff, volunteering or buying things of which proceeds go to charity. If you live in the UK, there's a great site called traidcraftshop.co.uk, where you can buy tons of different stuff and at the same time help those who are less fortunate. The online shop is run by Traidcraft, an organization that helps poor people in the developing world fight their way out of poverty by enabling them to sell the things they make without exploitation and other injustices in trading practices. You can see some of the cute products they sell in the photo below.

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P.S. If you know of any other similar online stores, please leave links in the comment below, and I will include them in the post. :)


  1. Those little penguins are so cute! This is such a good post :)

  2. Great ideas! The importance of giving back is especially highlighted around Christmas. The penguins and elephant are adorable, I'm such a sucker for cute and soft animal things hehe :)

  3. Cute things and great cause. Every way of helping people should be praised.
    Have a nice Friday.


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