Sandra's Weekly Web Likes

 Doesn't this DIY heart of string wall art look adorable?

 Tabitha has done a funny post on blogger cliches. Are you gulity of any? I certainly am. :D

 Why haven't I come up with this idea before? I always either run out of fruit or do not have anough of it when I want to myself a smoothie, so I'm definitely going to start making these ziplock freezer smothie packs!

♥ Zoella's video on how to deal with panic attacks and anxiety. I'm glad that she decided to make a video about this because I've noticed there's plenty of us who have similar problems. I myself do not suffer from the sort of anxiety she's describing, but I do have social anxiety and have also experienced some panic attacks. This may come as a shock to some people who know me personally, because I've never actually told anyone about it, but, well, now you know... 

 Another cute DIY - dipped and polka dotted flats.


  1. iii, srčki so čudoviti :D moram probat :D!

  2. Zoella je ravnokar dobila 50 kul točk in ti 100, ker si vključila ta video. Nisem ga še videla, zato sem si zdaj vzela čas in pogledala.
    Tudi jaz imam namreč probleme z anksioznostjo in ponavljajočimi se napadi panike. Vendar počasi delam na tem in zdaj so "dobra" obdobja vedno daljša. :)

    1. A ti tudi? Ugotavljam, da nas je res veliko... Očitno smo se vse ki imamo te probleme spravle bloge pisat. :D

  3. The blogger cliches are funny, but I'm proud to say that none of them apply to me xD
    The Undercover Dress-Up Lover x

  4. I loved reading the blogger cliches, I definitely am guilty of them!

  5. Those hearts are so cute! And thank you for the link :) x

  6. Love all of these links. Such good ideas :) xo

  7. Ha the blogger cliches are so funny! Great idea for a post!


  8. Funny blogger clichés and I am proud not to be guilty of any YET

  9. hahaha blogrski klišeji- res fenomenaln post :D žalostno ampak resnično :D xx


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