Christmas Gift Guide: Chic Geek

I think most us bloggers have a geeky side. I, for one, have always had a soft spot for gadgets, so I decided to create another Christmas gift guide, this time showing you some cool tech stuff and accessories. Any other chic geeks out there? :P

1) UGG Australia Great Jones Cream Ear Muffs with Speaker Technology: I don't own any ear muffs because I think they look silly on me, but if you like them and also love listening to music on the go, these could be perfect for you!

2) Marc by Marc Jacobs 'Katie the Bunny' USB: A girl can never have too many cute USB keys, right? Especially if you're losing them all the time like me.

3) Apple iPad: To be honest, I wasn't really feeling the iPad when it first came out. It seemed quite useless to me, and I though that it's just a bad mix between a laptop and a mobile phone; however, a few months after the release of iPad 2, I started to like the idea of it and figured out that it would come in handy for taking notes at Uni, so I persuaded my parents to get me one, muahaha. I'm now really glad that I have it. It's brilliant! Even my parents and my sister love it. I hardly even get the opportunity to use it because they're always borrowing it!

4) Ted Baker Padcon Glitter Bow Tablet Case: Speaking about iPads, isn't this case adorable? Perfect for girly girls!

5) Samsung Galaxy 3S Daisy Cover: I love my Samsung Galaxy 3S and wouldn't switch it for another phone, but I'm really jealous of you iPhone girls because you can get tons of cute phone covers! They don't really make any cute ones for Samsungs. The only one that I've found is this one. Should I get it? :)

6) Marc by Marc Jacobs Computer Case: If I ever get my dream laptop (Apple MacBook Pro), this is the computer case I'll be buying. Wouldn't they be the perfect match?

7) Apple iPod Nano:  Nowadays a lot of people have their music on their phones, but I've always preferred iPods. I got the first one when I was about 13 and it was massive, haha. I'm glad that they eventually decided to make smaller ones, as I'm now a proud owner of an iPod Nano. I got it five years ago, so it's not exactly one of the newest models, but it still works perfectly.

8) Marc by Marc Jacobs iPhone 4S Cases: As I have said before, there are PLENTY of fab iPhone cases avaliable on the market, but these ones are the cutest! Why can't they make Shorty the Boxer, Julio the Zebra, and Javier the Owl cases for my phone?!

9) Kindle: I've just realized that I forgot to include the photo of Kindle. Oopsie! As you probably all know, Kindle is Amazon's e-reader. I've had Barnes & Nobel's Nook for the past two years, but it went crazy during my summer vacation, so I had to get a replacement. Kindle turned out to be much better than my old Nook, so I'm really glad I bought it. I know that most people still prefer normal books, but I am not one of them... :D It's easier for me to hold it when I'm reading in bed and I love how you can carry thousands of books with you all the time, wherever you go.


  1. I love the Marc by Marc Jacobs range, I'm wanting a fluorescent cover for my iPad.

  2. Sm lih hotla napisat, da ne bi nič od tega, js bi samo Kindle :P Tuk knjig mam doma, da jih nimam več kam dat, zato bi mi prav prišel.
    no, pa nov fotoaparat :)
    Drugače pa super ideje.

  3. The Marc By Marc Jacobs iPhone cases are beautiful! x Great wishlist! x

  4. The USB key it's SO CUTE! I want it!
    Hope you have a nice day (: I've giveaway, woul you like to participate?? :)

  5. Jst bi tut kindla... A so sploh kakšne slovenske knjige že na voljo v elektronskem formatu? Kateri kindl pa imaš? :D

    1. Hmm, ne vem. Jaz že nekaj let berem samo angleške knjige, tako da se niti nisem zanimala. Ampak verjetno se ne dobijo, sploh modernejše ne. Imam pa v spominu, da sem nekje videla stare slovenske klasike...

      Mojega kindla pa lahko vidiš, če na naslov/link klikneš. Je čist osnovni in nima nobenega posebnega imena... :)

  6. I love the ipad cases! so super cute. Had my eye on the ted baker ones for months and months but I've now sold my ipad :( great post! Love your selection xx

  7. I really want a Marc Jacobs case! Not sure which I want, I just want any! :) xx

  8. I have a Nano and I love it! Although, I'm hoping for a Touch this christmas :)

  9. That computer case is lovely & the dog phone covers are the cutest things ever I need one

  10. Ohh I'd love that MJ computer caseeeeeeeeeee! :)


  11. The Ted Baker tablet case is amazing! xx

  12. Javier the Owl is completely adorable, I need to get my mitts on that cover!! The Marc by Marc Jacobs accessories are so lovely in general, I'd love to treat myself to them all :-)

    Jem xXx

    P.S Nice to chat on #lBloggers this eve

  13. I love my kindle too, much prefer it to real books... xo

  14. I think the Marc Jacobs I Phone cases are the nicest one's I've seen.....if only I had an IPhone xxx

  15. Those iPhone cases from Marc Jacobs are ADORABLE!! I love them! xx

  16. Got the new nano and it is sooo sick! Lovely list here

  17. Love the Marc laptop case! Too bad the online shipping costs tend to suck the life out of you!
    Great gift guide :)


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