Sandra's Weekly Web Likes

 I have a terrible sleeping schedule, so I hope this bedtime calculator will help me out. By the way, did you know that waking up in the middle of one of your 90 minutes long sleep cycles makes you feel tired, but waking up in between cycles has the opposite effect?

 33 cupcake recipes. I gotta try to make cupcake number 4 one day. It's my favorite! 

 Stages of procrastination. Sounds familiar? It sure does to me!

 If you like wine/beer/liquor and cheese, this pairing tool will be perfect for you! You select your drink of choice and than the pairing tool matches it up with the type of cheese it belongs with. And vice versa. 

 If the peel off base coat, which is great for removing glitter nail polish, is not avaliable in your country, this looks like a great alternative. 


  1. Think I like cupcake 19 best, they all look so good x

  2. Procrastination thing sounds very very familiar :D

  3. That cheese and wine paring tool is an amazing invention!

  4. This bedtime calculator is amazing! Now I understand why sometimes I can't wake up in the morning and need to procrastinate.
    Solution to my 2 biggest problems. =)


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