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The amazing pixiwoo sisters have recently done a video on the best (cheap and expensive) foundations for particular skin types. My favorite drugstore foundation - full review here - is among those suited for dry skin as well!

I always want to make myself a random smoothie, but I never know what to mix together to make it tasty. Unless I have a recipe, of course, but this is then not a random, improvised smoothie. I hope that the How To Make A Smoothie infographic will help me out with my dilemma next time!

Watching this video made me feel like it is ok to be an introvert for the first time in my life. Ever since I was little, I've always been very shy, have kept to myself and have been known as 'the quiet one'. I have been told - especially by my teachers - that I need to change in order to succeed, but you know what? I can't. This is me and I can't just press a button that would transform me into a loud social butterfly. Which is fine. Everyone is different and I really don't understand why the society is forcing some of us to become different kind of people. Rant over. 

How cool does this 3D panorama look?! Look at that sky! :O


  1. I love the pixiwoo sisters, their tutorials are amazing!! and I love smoothies too, specially in the morning... sometimes I like to mix fruit and vegetables, same with juicing, it is so good, healthy and filling! :)

  2. Love the smoothie picture and that panorama image is beautiful!Xx

  3. I agree completely about Bourjous Healthy Mix foundation, but for me even better is Bourjous Healthy Mix serum foundation. I have mixed skin, but during winter I also get dry patches, however I use it even on summer. And smells so perfectly!

    1. I have yet to try that one! :)

    2. It is amazing!
      This will be pretty extreme story, but last week I was donating blood and nurses told me that people usually go purple or almost transparent pale after blood-giving and on my face there was no change! =)


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