Sandra's Weekly Web Likes

Another cute T-shirt DIY. How to upcycle a plain tee

I'm pretty useless when it comes to wrapping presents, so this 'how to tie a perfect bow' tutorial will definitely come in handy. 

Marc Jacobs Mouse Flats are ridiculously cute looking, but you can also make your own version for much cheaper! Just follow this tutorial

Morning truths. 100% true! Who's with me on this?

Lisa Eldrige has published yet another amazing and very informative video. Here she tells you how to choose the right shade of foundation. 


  1. Luštne balerinke! :) Tele morning truths so pa res 100% resnične, se strinjam. Soooo not a morning person ;)

    Lovely Little Lux-uries

  2. love your weekly web likes posts :D

  3. Ja ta nova serija Lisinih filmčkov je ful dobra :) hehe meni je tak smešno, ko je oranžna :p pa strinjam se za tele jutranje zadeve

  4. Definitely want to try making the mouse flats! So cute and so easy! :) x


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