Essence 'Glinda the Good' Lip Balm Review

A few weeks ago, my sister went to The Czech Republic for a basketball tournament and brought me back  'Glinda the Good' lip balm from Essence's 'Oz the Great & Powerful' collection. It is supposed to be colour changing, but I haven't really noticed that. It always looks the same on me. Having said that, I still really like it. It has a slight pink tint and looks great when you want to achieve no make-up make-up look. Being a lip balm, it is sheer but also very moisturising, which is always a plus. The only thing that bothers me a little bit is the smell. It reminds me of a syrup medicine I had to drink when I was little. :D


  1. tile so mene tudi premamili in mislim, da bom naslednjič, ko bom v mullerju, kar šla po enega. :)

    xoxo, Nina

  2. A tudi tebi diši/smrdi po Ospenu? Prav sovražila sem tisti sirup. Ta balzam sem že dala mami, ker vonja nisem mogla prenašat, ampak kvaliteta je pa dobra :)

    1. A Ospen je to pol? Bljak. Sem vedla da po enem zdravilu smrdi. :D

  3. I have a lip gloss by Essence and it's such a nice quality! I really like this color too, it looks almost rosy - Boho Vanity

  4. This is a really pretty shade of pink :) xx

  5. OOOOH! This is really interesting and pretty!!! :O
    - Andrea Marie xx

  6. Lepa barva, ampak mislim, da ne bom kupila :)


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