Sandra's Weekly Web Likes

Did you know that you can mattify your nails by using steam? How cool (and cheap)! 

Hello Europe - a project that could truly unite the Europe in a non-political way. 

Simple food life hacks. You won't regret watching this video. 

Why haven't I heard of walkofftheearth channel earlier?! This is what I call talent. I Knew You Were Trouble and Somebody That I Used to Know covers are my favourite. 

Smoothie recipes for everything. My goal is to try out every single one of them this summer!


  1. Walk of the Earth so amazing! Jaz sem jih po naključju našla par mescev nazaj in jih ves čas poslušam :) Poglej si še priredbo ko Marshall poje I gave you all od Mumford and sons, ful je dober :)

    Teli smoothie recepti bodo pa poleti res prav prišli :)

  2. mmm vsa tista hrana pri unih kuharjih :)

  3. Watching that Michelle Phan really made me want to eat ramen :p

  4. Great linky-love. Thanks for sharing, heading to check them all out now :)

  5. I am a big smoothies addict and I like the matte nails DIY so easy and cheap!


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