Weekly Snapshots

Sleeping like a dead person dog. ♥ I'm not sure if you can see, but I'm wearing some fake eyelashes on for the first time in my life! I was always afraid of application, so I never gathered up the courage to try them out before. Well, stupid me. The application is actually ridiculously easy and not messy at all! And they also look pretty amazing on me! I'm not planning to wear them outside any time soon, but they'll be great for filming tutorials. They gave the look I was filming the other day a whole other dimension. ♥ Some things I've bought last week. All the reviews will be up very soon! ♥ Guess where I'm going at the end of June? To Jessie J's concert! She's one of my favourite artists and I really can't wait to see/hear her in person. This will be the first ever big concert I'm going to, because world famous artists usually never come to my country. ♥ I went a bit crazy at a store where they sell Yankee candles. If I can't have spring outside, I'll fake it with the smells inside. :) ♥ Some bath stuff I've won in a recent giveaway. The cupcake bath bomb is the cutest! ♥ Benji trying to steal my prize. He's obsessed with paper packaging! ♥ Still waiting for me to give him his new 'toy' back. ♥ More exciting new goodies. ♥ Asparagus. Already in my tummy. ♥ Details of the outfit I've worn to a concert (not a big one). :D ♥ And the shoes that I was wearing. Love these flats! Aren't they chic?

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  1. aaaa jessie J :) Jaz bi tudiiii :)
    Ps: luštne slikce :)

  2. I love reading these kinds of posts - have fun at the Jessie J concert! ;)

  3. Js grem tut na Jessie J! Sestra mi bo kupila karto kot predhodno darilo za rd, je rekla, da itk ne vem kaj bi mi druzga kupila, tko da.. yay! ;)
    heehee,Benji is a funny "guy" :P
    Pa obožujem šparglje! <3

    1. Yaaay, mogoče se pa celo vidmo! :D

  4. mmm šparglji :) pa kok kjut balerinke! :)

  5. Kak lustna verizica! :-).

  6. I really like this dry shampoo:) it smells amazing,doesn't it? :-) what a lovely necklace!


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