Goodies from Rings & Tings

I recently got sent some jewellery items from an awesome online store called Rings and Tings, and today I'll be showing you what was waiting for me in the package!  But before I start talking about individual items, I would just like to kindly suggest you to go check out the store. It is amazing, and I'm not saying this just because I got these stuff for free. They sell very trendy and affordable clothing, jewellery, bags, shoes and watches, and they have free international delivery! I wish I knew about this store earlier, because I like so many things from there! My wishlist keeps getting longer and longer...

The first item they sent me is the Make A Wish Skull Necklace. This piece is right up my sister's alley, so there is no surprise that she already stole it from me. It's one of those dainty pieces that really works well when you want to go for simplicity, but it can also be a great layering piece.

Next is this Belt Bracelet. I actually already have a similar one from H&M, but I never wear it because it doesn't fit me. My wrists are huge and some bracelets are unfortunatelly made for tiny wrists only. I have the same problem with the spikey bracelet you can see in the photo. Both bracelets now belong to my sister, but not the one from Rings & Tings! This one fits me perfectly and will be a great addition to my summer wrist candy. 

Last but not least, I also got their Little Tiara Ring. I think this is supposed to be a normal ring, but since my fingers are huge (see the pattern here?), I will wear it as a knuckle ring. I absolutely adore knuckle rings, so it's just perfectly too small for me!

What do you think about these items and the store? Have you or will you ever order stuff from there? I sure will! If you end up ordering something, you can use 'stylecard10' discount code to get 10% off all items! Ohh, and thank you to my sister Katja for lending me her body parts, haha. I couldn't properly photograph the pieces when I was wearing them myself, so I forced her to act as a model. :D

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  1. Loving the ring hun. Such a beauty. Will take a look at their page for sure. x

    Hope u had a lovely Bank Holiday.

  2. I especially like the knuckle ring! xx

  3. They are so beautiful!
    I'll definitely be checking out the website!


  4. I love how you get your sister to interact with your blog and videos! So nice to see! All this jewelry looks right up my alley! I love anything that makes a 'dainty' statement, if that makes any sense. Will have to go over and check them out, esp. with free shipping! YES :D

    - Jess
    The Mod Mermaid

  5. Love the necklace and the way you wear the ring as a knuckle ring! I think that ring looks cuter as a knuckle ring than as a 'normal' ring :)


  6. O luštni kosi. Verižica je super cute!

  7. I really love the skull necklace :) x

  8. všče mi je. :) vse. :D

    xoxo, nina

  9. I love that skull necklace!! So cute!

  10. I really like all the stuff, thank you for letting us know about this site, going to have a look at it now! x

  11. Res en kup "of goodies" ;)
    Najbolj sta mi všeč zapestnici!!

  12. I really like the skull necklace! It's cute xx

  13. Zapestnica je res lepa! Oz vse je lepo ;) Všeč mi je kako si se znašla s prstanom, lepo ti pristaja.


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