My Top 5 Spring Nail Polishes

Since spring is now finally in full swing and summer is approaching with the speed of light - I obvioulsy wrote this post before winter weather decided to come visit us again - I think it is time to show you my most worn spring nail polishes. I'm sure you're already sick of me talking about the Barry M Gellys, but I cannot not mention them in this post. The pastel purple one is the first Gelly I've fallen in love with and is guilty for the development of my obsession. It's called Pricky Pear, and you can read my full review here and buy it here. Another Gelly that is perfect for spring is Blueberry (swatch here), although I sometimes feel like this is not the most flattering shade for my skintone. You can get it here

Moving on to the black sheep of the spring nail polish family, I have Catrice's Miss Piggy Reloaded. I think every girl needs a nice peach polish for spring, and this one looks really pretty! I've just realized I haven't blogged about it yet even though I've had it for ages, so you can expect a full review with swatches soon. 

Now, there are also two Essie nail polishes I need to mention! Essie is my favourite nail polish brand and the two shades you can see in the photos are among my 'holy grail' nail polishes. The first one is Mint Candy Apple (review here), a perfect mint shade that is very appropriate for spring and can make any outfit come alive. It is avaliable here in case you want to snatch it up yourself. And last but not least, there's Fiji, my favourite nude shade. I've just blogged about it here. So, these were my top 5 nail polishes for spring. Do you fancy any of them? What are your favourite spring shades?

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  1. Wau vsi so čudoviti!<3 xx

  2. Pricky Pear je krasna barva :)

  3. I wish the Barry M polishes were available where I live - I'd definitely pick up Prickly Pear and possibly a few others. Mint Candy Apple has been on my wishlist for forever, though I'm not sure whether I have potential dupes in my existing nail polish stash that I'm unaware of.

  4. Absolutely love Mint Candy Apple, one of my all time favs!


  5. All these shades are gorgeous, and perfect for Spring :) xx

  6. Mint Candy Apple <3! Ljubezen na prvi pogled :).


  7. Oba Barry M-a in Essie so mi lepi. :)


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