Wedding Anniversary OOTD

I just thought I would share my first outfit of the day video here today in case you aren't subscribed to my youtube channel and haven't seen it yet! I would love to know what you think about this kind of videos. Would you like to see more of them in the future or not? I know I've been promising you to publish at least two OOTD posts per month some time ago, but taking photos of my own outfits is really hard to be honest. Even with a tripod and a remote. I can never get the angles and the lighting right, and not being able to see myself in the screen makes the whole thing even worse, haha. Filming my outfits, however, proves to be much easier, so it's totally doable! I just need to know if you're even interested in watching them... :D

By the way, isn't the song I used in the video super lovely? A huge thank you to Kat for letting me use it. You can download it here for free! :)

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  1. Super lušni sta, obe :). Pa itak da bi radi vidli še več takih filmčkov <3 :)!


  2. Wauuu :) ful mi je ušeč :) pa res vama lepo pristojita šminki :) js mam isto to od Maybelline pa se mi zdi da mi ne paše na barvo kože ://

    1. Hvala Anja! Ja, je zlo taka tricky barva. Ko bom malo bolj zagorela pomoje tut meni ne bo glih pasala...

  3. Such cute spring colors!

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  4. Jaaa še takih videov! Full sta fajni :)


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