Weekly Snapshots

A few Korean goodies. The main point of the photo is, of course, the bunny glossy stick I blogged about here♥ This is how most of my dinners looked like this week.  'My name is Benji and I'm the cutest dog in the world'.  This is where I'll be spending my 2014 summer holidays. I couldn't be more excited! Oh, by the way, it's Bali. :)  Fluffball in my bed.  Pretty flowers.  Can't wait to try out this product! I've been wanting it from the day Lisa Eldridge showed it in one of her videos.  Creme brule. My first cheat meal after a week of healthy eating.  A preview of my next video. Can you guess the title? 

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  1. You'll love the Phyto7 hair cream, it's one of my favourite products from Phyto! That Creme Brule looks soooo yummy! xx

  2. pretty photos! the salat looks super yummie :)

  3. I know I'm probably the last blogger to get Instagram, but I have to say I really really love the whole of it! I've loved these kinda posts... Your dog is just the cutest and I love seeing what people are eating - weirdo much?! Hehe! :)

  4. Kam greš na morje? ^^ Mmmmm pa creme brulee, zdej se mi pa lušta. :P xx

    1. Za letos še ne vem, za drugo leto mamo pa Bali rezerviran. :)

  5. Bali! How amazing!!! So jealous :)) And definitely looking forward to reading your review on Phyto 7! :)

  6. Bali? So jealous! and your dog is beyond adorable

  7. Your dog is adorable! And that salad actually looks so good. Beyond jealous you're going to Bali!! x


  8. I never tire of seeing pics of Benji :) And it's weird to me how close Bali is to me though I've never really contemplated going there on holiday!


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