Weekly Snapshots

Strawberries. Obviously.  Can't wait to try out these lashes and film a summer make-up tutorial in two weeks' time!  Mini ice-creams. Chocolate Fudge Brownie is my favourite one.  Ridiculous things I have to study for my exams. 3 more to go and then I'm off until late August.  Shrmip season is finally open!  My dog is the cutest thing in the entire world, isn't he? :)

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  1. Ooo kk so kjut Ben&Jerryji, kje jih pa kupiš? :) Ti greš tudi pisat Sheppardovo konc avgusta? :)

    1. V Leclercu jih majo. :)

      Ja, po vsej verjetnosti. Sicer sem šla danes pisat, ampak dvomim da bo šlo skoz... pa še besediloslovje, etnično pa kontrastivno mam zdele. Glede na to kok mam mal časa za učit glede na obseg snovi, predvidevam da mi bojo tut ostal za kasnej... No, ja, sej cajta bom mela dost zdej k bom absolventa vzela. :D

  2. Njam njam jagode in sladoled <3 Srečno na izpitih! :) x

  3. Helloooo prawns , I love prawns , great post and you right your dog is super cute xo

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  4. Love strawberries, they're my favorite fruit! And your dog is so adorable :) I wish I could have a dog too.

    I recently discovered your youtube channel & your blog and I've been loving them! You seem to be such a nice girl and I can relate to you in so many aspects :) Good luck with your exams! I already did mine (for now) but I feel like I will have to repeat at least one of them :(


  5. I love all of your things! I'm totally with you on the Ben and Jerry's, and your dog is adorable!


  6. Your dog is so cute! I love shrimp, and strawberries, and I really hope we get those mini Ben & Jerry's over here! x

  7. aaah, Ben & Jerry's, omnomnom :)
    Pasić je presladak!
    Sretno na ispitima!! :)


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