Weekly Snapshots

Nothing much has been happening this week, so today's 'Weekly Snapshots' post is rather boring. I had my last exam on Wednesday, did some shopping with my sister afterwards, and spend the weekend planning my next posts/videos. My life and normal blogging shall resume tomorrow. :D

Chinese food for lunch.  Benji sleeping.  Greek yogurt is the best!  Pretty awesome looking perfume bottle.  Exhausted/relieved face - I'm done with exams until September, so I can finally relax a little bit.  Cuteness alert!

As you may know, Instagram now has a video option as well. How do you all feel about it? I'm not too keen on it to be totally honest, but I still managed to film two videos last week, haha. Both of them are featuring my dog, of course. Here you can see Benji going mental, and here you can see us walking home from the groomer's. 

Instagram: thesbeauty101

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  1. Well done on finishing your exams! You can now enjoy the summer fully, yay! ;-))

  2. Well done on your finishing your exams :) Such a lovely feeling. Your dog is beautiful! x


  3. The Chinese food looks so good :) x

  4. Congrats on finishing your exams doll and benji is the cutest!!!

  5. I'm so daft, I thought the perfume bottle was a camera :) x

  6. I'm a big fan of Benji xxx


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  8. Congrats on finishing your exams, now you can finally enjoy summer holidays! :) I finished mine last thursday and I'm so happy and relieved it's all over, couldn't study any longer...
    Your dog is so adorable! And I'm a big fan of greek yogurt too, it's delicious! Love it even more with fresh strawberries - yum! :)

  9. Hej, rada bi te vprašala kje se kupi ta grški jogurt. Sama kupujem Total, tega na polici še nisem opazila. Tnx za odgovor.

    1. Mislim, da je tale iz Leclerca... :)


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