July Haul

Another month, another haul. If you're interested in what fashion and beauty bits I've picked up during the month of July, check out the video below! You can see the list of all products mentioned and all the links in the 'about section' under the video on youtube. :)


  1. super video, maš moj všeček na youtube-tu :)

  2. Seveda, hocmo vidt tvoje videe:)))
    Od tebe sm zvedla za biodermin losjon ( brez katerega ne morem vec zivet) tako, da fuuul hvala:)))
    Super si!!

  3. super video, tak kot vsi do zdaj. :))
    jaz tudi fuuul hočem videt šeee veeč tvojih video-ov, ker so zakon, veliko novega zvem+malo preverjam svoje znanje angleščine (hehe). :)

    P.S.: uživaj v Californi-i (fauš!).<3

  4. Aww thats brill and great video. I use Rimmel London Flawless Skin foundation as well, looks more natural.


  5. super video! naravno da želimo vidjeti što si spakirala za Californiju :D
    uživaj u putovanju! :D

  6. Love watching your videos, you seem to be such a sweet girl! I really wanted to start making videos too but I'm just too scared of actually doing it, silly me... Btw, love your blog too, I've already read almost all of your blogposts :)
    I really want to try the Rimmel foundation and some NYX products, I've heard great things about them!



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