OOTW + Vacation Footage

Today's outfit video is a little bit different from my usual ones, as I have decided to show you several outfits I've been wearing recently, and even included some of my vacation footage. Also, I haven't put any links in the about section this time, because most of the items I'm wearing are old or out of stock. The only things still avaliable online are the Dorothy Perkins dress from the last photo (here), and the Dorothy Perkings shorts (here) and Persunmall top (here) from the first outfit. Anyway, I hope you'll enjoy watching the video! Which outfit do you like best?


  1. Ful dober video in super 'zeditan':D

  2. You are so pretty! :) And I love the outfits number 2 and 5!

    My blog: Prettier world - Becoming me

  3. Noro dober video!!!
    Fantastičen! In kuža je takooo luštkan!!!!
    Pa oblekca od Dorothy Perkins je najlepša!!
    ... Pa prstančki! Ah kar vse :D ♥

  4. super video. :) iz kje so hlačke na četrti fotki? :)

    1. Hvala! Iz H&M. Lani sem jih kupila.

  5. Lušten video :) Pa outfiti so mi všeč, posebno drugi in zadnji :)

  6. I like the last outfit! Cute dress :) X

  7. You look so gorgeous Sandra... you totally rock those dresses <3 xxx

    Gemma | ♥ Miss Makeup Magpie

  8. Girl! You look stunning!!! :-) Your doggie it is so adorable! I'm glad you had fun and enjoyed the warm weather. I would love a bit of summer right now, being the middle of winter in this part of the world! :( xx


  9. Absolutely loved your video Sandra! - What a lovely way to show your OOTDs and your fabulous holiday!
    In particular I really liked the second and the last outfits, you looked stunning all holiday!

    Kerys | Little Bo Blab


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