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I used to do these web likes posts every week for quite some time, but then when the exams kicked in, I didn't have time to spend so much time online anymore, so my 'Weekly Web Likes' posts disappeared. I'm ready to bring them back now, but I decided to rename them into 'Recent Web Likes' posts, as I won't be publishing them every week. Unless I find a lot of interesting links to talk about. Please tell me whether or not you like this kind of posts and want to see more of them in the future. I myself love finding and sharing fun, inspirational and informative online content, so I hope you enjoy this too! Now let's get to those links! :)

All you need to know about sunscreen. I realized I apply way too little and don't reapply it frequently enough, oopsie! Will try to change that. 

My sister got me obsessed with watching Jimmy Kimmel's Lie Witness News. So funny! And I can't believe that so many people lie or even make up actual stories when they are put in front of a camera! 

A big thank you to a reader of mine who let me know about the site called The site is basically a tool that helps you find a perfect foundation shade for you by entering the shades of foundations you already own. It's so handy for online shopping when you can't rely on in-store swatches or testers. 

Andrea has published yet another amazing DIY video, where she shows you how to transform a basic one-piece swimsuit into a fab-looking monokini

I can't believe she went there, but she did. And it's hilarious! Click here to see what I'm talking about. Oh, and then there's also this video. I'm dying!

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  1. Findation is brilliant, such a good idea! I love Jimmy Kimmel, there are some videos on youtube from a competition he ran where parents had to give their children really horrible christmas presents and film their reactions, it's so mean but it's so, so funny x

    1. Oh, yeah, I saw that one! It's hilarious. I also really liked the one in which parents are telling their kids they ate all their Halloween candy. :D

  2. Tole s pudri je pa res fajn (prevod: če zgrešim kak odtenek pri spletnem nakupu, si ti kriva) :D

  3. Love the links!! :)


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